Jean-François, French surgeon, 1861-1944. See: Calot triangle.
References in classic literature ?
Curses on that calot of his that warned him toward the safer avenue
Ey, O-Tar, they elude thy guard but not the wise old calot, I-Gos.
Its long, lithe body is supported by ten powerful legs, its enormous jaws are equipped, like those of the calot, or Martian hound, with several rows of long needle-like fangs; its mouth reaches to a point far back of its tiny ears, while its enormous, protruding eyes of green add the last touch of terror to its awful aspect.
Tell me that there is another, and I shall cut out his foul heart and fling it to the wild calots of the dead sea-bottoms
That you will be thrown to the wild calots [dogs] in the great arena as soon as the hordes have assembled for the yearly games.
Palapag Mayor Manuel Aoyang, Councilor Eleno Calot and municipal council secretary Emil Go were recently charged with falsification of public documents for making it appear that a resolution and the minutes of a special session identifying various anti-poverty projects in the town were approved by two other councilors in February 2015.
Konversiyon kolesistektomiye gecis nedenleri dort hastada Calot ucgeninin ortaya konulamamasi, iki hastada kontrol altina alinamayan kanama ve bir hastada trokar girisine bagli ince barsak yaralanmasiydi (Tablo 3).
In both approaches, cholecystectomy was carried out by the dissection of the Calot triangle and the ligating/clipping of the cystic duct and artery.
Letter of Philip James to Franz Calot dated 10 January 1938, in "Gifts," V.
Jean-Francois Calot (1861-1944) from the Hopital Rotschild in Berck-sur-Mer, and the Hopital Cazin-Perrochaud, developed a special 1896 method to treat the deformed tuberculous and spondylitic spine [36,37].
The vehicle, a Toyota Hi-Ace van, was negotiating a road cut when it slipped and fell into a 40-meter ravine in Sitio Calot in Barangay (village) Banangan, said Senior Supt.
The cause of the power outage is the annual preventive maintenance of 75MVA power transformer and associated equipment at La Trinidad substation simultaneous with line maintenance along La Trinidad to Mountain Province Electric Cooperative (MOPRECO) and La Trinidad - Calot 69kV lines.