Luigi, Italian anatomist, 1807-1896. See: Calori bursa.
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This has lead Calori and De Woot (1994) to write of "A European Management Model".
Meanwhile, Celtic have made a move to sign Udinese defender Alessandro Calori.
Roland Calori, Tugrul Atamer, Pancho Nunes (with contributors): The Dynamics of International Competition.
Thanks are due to Ron Breiger, Linda Johanson, Don Palmer, Roland Calori and Brian Uzzi for insightful comments.
Calori and Sarnin (1991) concluded, based on a three-year study of French firms, that growth in sales is linked to national cultural homogeneity.
The author gratefully acknowledges the helpful comments from Hayagreeva Rao, Robert Drazin, Roland Calori, and Nathalie Giauque.
Finally, thank you Roland Calori for suggesting a very suitable metaphor for one of the charismatic relationships.
The content analysis of each transcript in the form of cognitive maps may follow a protocol similar to the one described by Calori et al.
I would like to thank Roland Calori, Arndt Sorge for his impressive patience, and three anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments.
Ao contrario dos metodos de Mollerup (2005) e Uebelle (2007), Calori (2007) demonstra o entrelacamento entre a parte visual e fisica do projeto.