Luigi, Italian anatomist, 1807-1896. See: Calori bursa.
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Within such industries coexist a variety of segments, some global, some multidomestic and some mixed (the process of selection is described in Calori et al., 2000).
(4.) Fermo I, Vigano' D'Angelo S, Paroni R, Mazzola G, Calori G, D'Angelo A.
But these are hectic days in the transfer market, and if Parkhead boss Wim Jansen gets all the men he wants - Henrik Larsson, Uli van Gobbel, Alessandro Calori, following the capture of Craig Burley - that gap in prices between the Old Firm may narrow considerably.
But Celtic's moves to sign Italian defender Alessandro Calori from Udinese have hit a snag.
Calori, Johnson, and Sarnin (1994) provided some support for this contention in a study of the cognitive maps of CEOs.
Com as cores definidas, foi possivel fazer testes com as tipografias indicadas por Calori (2007) para sinalizacao e wayfinding: Helvetica, Univers e Frutiger.
Jean-Claude Thoenig, the dearly missed Roland Calori and I have been working hard over the last two years to bring about major changes and developments to the journal.
Celtic's move for Italian star Alessandro Calori has been blocked by Udinese.
Meanwhile, Celtic have attempted to land 30-year-old defender Alessandro Calori from Udinese, while St Mirren's pounds 250,000-rated youngster Ricky Gillies is believed to be another target for new coach Wim Jansen.
Para o estudo dos metodos empregados em projetos de sinalizacao, antes se faz necessario a abordagem dos conceitos de: sinalizacao, baseado no trabalho de Crosby, Fletcher e Forbes, (1970), Folis e Hammer (1979), Smitshuijzen (2007) e Uebele (2007); senaletica, baseado em Costa (2009); wayfinding, baseado em Lynch (1997), Arthur e Passani (1992), Berger (2005), Calori (2007) e Gibson (2009); e design grafico ambiental, baseado, por sua vez, em Hunt (2003) e Velho (2007), conforme o quadro 1.
Calori, R./Johnson, G./Sarnin, P., CEOs' Cognitive Maps and the Scope of the Organization, Strategic Management Journal, 15, 6, 1994, pp.
special because it is dedicated to the memory of Roland Calori; to the