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John R., U.S. endodontist, 1853-1918. See: Callahan method.
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Yet he had picked up gossip enough to have it occur to him that the loud-voiced man upon the bench might be the notorious Justice Callahan, about whom the people of Packingtown spoke with bated breath.
If Scully was the thumb, Pat Callahan was the first finger of the unseen hand whereby the packers held down the people of the district.
Governor Mary Fallin announced she has reappointed Jarold Callahan to the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges (OSU/A&M).
Mary Fallin reappointed Jarold Callahan to the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges.
The form of advice provided by Callahan Financial Planning is commonly described by financial planners as "fee-only", where the planner and the firm are only paid directly by clients, and may not receive compensation from any other sources.
But in The Givers, David Callahan aims to introduce a new breed of megadonors - more numerous, more aggressive and vastly richer than their forebears - poised to reshape American society to an unprecedented degree.
com)-- White's Electronics, a worldwide leader in the field of metal detectors, has selected Callahan Creek as its first-ever brand positioning partner.
Jody Callahan, the chairman of the college's applied sciences division, said the program will train up to eight students at a time in four-week segments.
I had flu-like symptoms and just didn't feel great, but I didn't think much about it," Callahan says.
15 -- I think the 1980s' band named Smog, probably better known by its frontman, Bill Callahan, may be one of the utterly under-rated and unacknowledged bands in the indie music genre.
Callahan (author); LOUSY SEX; University Press of Colorado (Nonfiction: Science) 19.
Albertsons LLC has promoted Jerry Callahan to vice president of produce merchandising, subject to the close of Albertsons' transaction with Supervalu.