California poppy

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California poppy

A floral essence said to develop inner knowledge, spirituality and love, as defined in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy.

Positive qualities
Spirituality; balances light and love; develops inner knowledge.

Apathy, resignation.

California poppy,

n Latin name:
Eschscholzia californica; part used: sap, root, plant; uses: relieve pain; prevent or relieve spasms; induce sweating; induce urination; relieve toothache; induce relaxation; suppress milk secretion, incontinence; induce sleep; precautions: none known. Also called
gold poppy, kalifornia hashasi, and
khishkhash kalifornia.

California poppy

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GLORIOUS: Californian poppies VIBRANT: Swiss chard TREASURE: Anthemis tinctoria
Dahlias Californian poppies Sweet peas Zinnias Gladioli Hydrangeas Perfect for colour.
How about wall flowers, petunias, evening primrose, echium, flax, calendulas, sweet William, clarkia, Californian poppies, Lavatera trimestris and candytuft?
THIS mixture of brightly-coloured annual wildflowers featuring corn marigold, Californian poppies and blue flax was used on designer Kate FreyOs Fetzer Wine Garden.
Sow annuals like Californian poppies, nasturtiums, pot marigolds and candytuft directly in the soil outside.
IF YOU love Californian poppies (Eschscholzia californica), why not try growing the new variety from Mr Fothergills?
DEEP mahogany flowers that smell of chocolate sound too good to be true, but Cosmos antrosanguineus offers just that from mid-summer until the first frosts - and even more joy when planted with bright yellow plants such as Californian poppies or the red-leaved blood grass Inperata cylindrica Rubra.
Whether you are after field or Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoeas), opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) or the sturdier Californian poppies (Eschscholzia), they can all be raised from seed sown now.
Easy to grow are pot marigolds, candytuft, viscaria, Californian poppies and godetia.
COLLECT the ripe seed-heads of hardy annuals such as love-in-the-mist, pot marigolds and Californian poppies for a supply of free plants next summer.
For hot colours grow Amaranthus Hot Biscuit, Nasturtium Whirlybird, sunflower Sundance Kid and Californian poppies.

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