California poppy

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California poppy

A floral essence said to develop inner knowledge, spirituality and love, as defined in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy.

Positive qualities
Spirituality; balances light and love; develops inner knowledge.

Apathy, resignation.

California poppy,

n Latin name:
Eschscholzia californica; part used: sap, root, plant; uses: relieve pain; prevent or relieve spasms; induce sweating; induce urination; relieve toothache; induce relaxation; suppress milk secretion, incontinence; induce sleep; precautions: none known. Also called
gold poppy, kalifornia hashasi, and
khishkhash kalifornia.

California poppy

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Dawn said: "The lady at my local health shop explained that Californian Poppy ( a traditional American Indian remedy used mainly for colic ( could be given as a mild sedative to young children with sleeping difficulties.
BRINGING SUNSHINE: Californian poppy is highly reliable
Californian poppy is often recommended as a mild sedative for children where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness, and can help to reduce nervous tension and anxiety.
The collection consists of the Aster Colour Carpet mixed, Cornflower Midget mixed, Calendula Daisy mixed, Californian Poppy Appleblossom Pink, Larkspur Giant Imperial mixed, Annual Lupin Gallery Dwarf mixed, Nasturtium Gleam mixed, Salvia Blaze of Fire and Cosmos Sensation mixed.
EFFORT ON a mild day, sow hardy annuals such as calendula (right), cornflowers, nigella and Californian poppy.
BEDS & BORDERS: Californian Poppy, Asters, Marigolds and Foxgloves.
CAREFULLY take all root cuttings of plants such as Tree of Heaven, Californian poppy and Japanese anemones and bring them on in a cold-frame.
Your free seeds will be selected from the Sunday Mail lucky dip, which includes old favourites such as Cornflower, Wallflower, Lavatera, Californian Poppy, Cosmos, Linaria and many more.
Though eschscholzia, the Californian poppy, is usually broadcast randomly we're trying it sown directly into modules, one seed per compartment.
I got talking to the lady who said she remembered it being sold in Woolworths along with Evening in Paris and Californian Poppy.
This can be circumvented by planting, immediately behind the poppy, HOME TRUTHS John Humphries But the scarlet Oriental poppy with a splash of black at its throat remains among the loveliest of herbaceous border perennials while its annual cousins, the red Flanders Poppy and orange Californian Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) are even more brilliant, self-seeding prolifically even in the most unfertile (but always well-drained) sunny corner of the garden.
Good choices include: sunflowers, calendula, Californian poppy, Linum, Nasturtium, Limnanthes, Cosmidium, Silene, Nigella, Virginian stock, Gaillardia, Gypsophila elegans, Larkspur, Lychnis viscaria, night-scented stock, Nemophila menziesii, candytuft, Godetia, sweet peas, clarkia and cornflower.

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