California poppy

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California poppy

A floral essence said to develop inner knowledge, spirituality and love, as defined in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy.

Positive qualities
Spirituality; balances light and love; develops inner knowledge.

Apathy, resignation.

California poppy,

n Latin name:
Eschscholzia californica; part used: sap, root, plant; uses: relieve pain; prevent or relieve spasms; induce sweating; induce urination; relieve toothache; induce relaxation; suppress milk secretion, incontinence; induce sleep; precautions: none known. Also called
gold poppy, kalifornia hashasi, and
khishkhash kalifornia.

California poppy

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The Californian poppy should never be transplanted.
Asters Calendulas Candytuft Cornflower Californian poppy (Eschscholzia) Helichrysum Larkspur Limnanthes (poached egg flowers) Love lies bleeding Annual lupin
IF you have not already done so, cut back buddleias - but not B globosa - also forsythia and the Californian poppy bush (Romneya coulteri).
Silver or greyleaved plants such as cistus, halimium and the Californian poppy are at risk.
Best of the Bunch Californian Poppy ESCHSCHOLZIA californica is the nearly unpronounceable name for one of my favourite hardy annuals - the Californian Poppy.
Flowers such as calendula, fennel, Californian poppy and poached egg plant tempt other predatory, pest-controlling insects, including hoverflies and lacewings.
Good choices include: sunflowers, calendula, Californian poppy, Linum, Nasturtium, Limnanthes, Cosmidium, Silene, Nigella, Virginian stock, Gaillardia, Gypsophila elegans, Larkspur, Lychnis viscaria, night-scented stock, Nemophila menziesii, candytuft, Godetia, sweet peas, clarkia and cornflower.
My own memories of the store include buying my mother a bottle of Californian Poppy scent for her birthday.
The wee Californian poppy, on the other hand, is as garish as they come, with bright carroty- orange flowers.
PRUNE back almost to the ground the top growth of hardy fuchsias which have been damaged by frost, as well as Californian Poppy Bush (Romneya coulteri), willows grown for the colour of their young bark and the Dogwood (Cornus alba).
Although I love honesty, lunaria annua, it seems to have produced an explosion of seedlings, along with one of my summer favourites, the Californian poppy, Eschscholtzia californica and I will have to thin these out to an acceptable level whilst I am battling with the other less desirable plants.
Then Dawn's mum Marilyn suggested she try a herbal remedy called Californian Poppy, which she had read about.

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