California poppy

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California poppy

A floral essence said to develop inner knowledge, spirituality and love, as defined in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy.

Positive qualities
Spirituality; balances light and love; develops inner knowledge.

Apathy, resignation.

California poppy,

n Latin name:
Eschscholzia californica; part used: sap, root, plant; uses: relieve pain; prevent or relieve spasms; induce sweating; induce urination; relieve toothache; induce relaxation; suppress milk secretion, incontinence; induce sleep; precautions: none known. Also called
gold poppy, kalifornia hashasi, and
khishkhash kalifornia.

California poppy

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Recipients are also randomly selected to send up to 12 coupons to friends and relatives, who in turn can request a free packet of California Poppy seeds," Herndon notes.
Details about the California Poppy Project and the new web pages will be sent to adults who request one free packet of California Poppy seeds.
The home page for the California Poppy Project's County listing is: http://members.
2 -- color) Festival attendees check out cacti for sale by Reseda's Cactus Ranch on Saturday at the 15th annual California Poppy Festival.
4 -- color) Darren Brown, 12, of Quartz Hill gets a mouthful of strawberry funnel cake Saturday at the 15th annual California Poppy Festival in Lancaster.
color) Carnival rides are among the many attractions offered at the California Poppy Festival, which runs Saturday and Sunday in Lancaster.
The Mexican tulip poppy (Hunnemannia fumariifolia) is a spellbinding yellow version of the California poppy, except that the Mexican tulip poppy is borne on taller stems and has larger flowers.
In Lancaster, the city will host its 15th annual California Poppy Festival 10 a.
1 -- 3 -- color) Poppies and filarees are shown top, while a trail, above, leads through the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster.
4 -- color) (Fiddlenecks are in bloom Thursday at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.
LANCASTER - Winds gusting to 40 mph pushed a wildfire over hundreds of acres Monday afternoon in the brush-covered hills south of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

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