California poppy

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California poppy

A floral essence said to develop inner knowledge, spirituality and love, as defined in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy.

Positive qualities
Spirituality; balances light and love; develops inner knowledge.

Apathy, resignation.

California poppy,

n Latin name:
Eschscholzia californica; part used: sap, root, plant; uses: relieve pain; prevent or relieve spasms; induce sweating; induce urination; relieve toothache; induce relaxation; suppress milk secretion, incontinence; induce sleep; precautions: none known. Also called
gold poppy, kalifornia hashasi, and
khishkhash kalifornia.

California poppy

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But gardeners are never content; nothing brings them more pleasure than trying something new, and so 10 different kinds of California poppies have been developed, including red, white, apricot, yellow, ruffled and dwarf varieties.
It is often planted in combination with California poppies.
Potted California poppies will be for sale, along with other plants, and free maps will be available telling visitors where to drive to see the best wildflower displays.
In 1970, a study by the state Department of Parks and Recreation showed that the reserve is in an area known for the greatest abundance of California poppies, Bolt said.
The hillsides are blazing with California poppies, mustard, lupine and other wildflowers.
The showers last weekend will help strengthen and nourish seedlings to make a better show,'' says Tom Hayduk, a Canoga Park horticulturist at Soka University, who has already seen an abundance of California poppies and lupine that looks like a small torch of purple flowers, as well as those charming little monkeyflowers, which he describes as having a deep throat in buff-orange and a smiling face that's sort of like the face of a mime.
In the same neighborhood, along Sierra Way from Kernville toward Weldon, look for caterpillar phacelia covering the hillsides along with California poppies, coreopsis and lupine.

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