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California Condor releases, losses, and age structure in wild (as of February 1, 2001).
In 1992, when the first efforts to reintroduce condors to the wild began, the total population of California condors (all in captivity) stood at 63.
To learn more about the condor and ongoing recovery efforts, check out the websites of some of the partners in the California Condor Recovery Program:
She said Forest Service officials would not endanger the California condor with any of their new plans, which stress the endangered bird's protection and protection of urban areas from wildfires.
In January 1992, the FWS Condor Recovery Program savored the fruits of its labor when two juvenile California condors were set free atop the Arundell Cliffs, located in the Los Padres National Forest's Sespe Condor Sanctuary in Ventura County, California.
The researchers included the Andean pair to keep the California condors company.
Fish and Wildlife Service is set to reintroduce two California condors to the wild in the Sespe Wildlife Sanctuary, adjacent to the power lines' location, on Jan.
Vincente Agricourt, 9, of Van Nuys, wore a California condor visor as he rapidly swirled water around a sluice pan, hoping for a few gold nuggets.
to reach a cave containing the last remaining nest of a wild California condor.
SANTA BARBARA - A California condor chick that was part of an ambitious breeding program was found dead near its nest, the week after another was discovered with a broken wing and 35 bottle caps in its gullet.
The area of the fire is also habitat for the California condor and the endangered arroyo toad.
The California condor has rebounded since being declared an endangered species in 1967.

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