California Sunshine

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A regional street term for LSD
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The new logo - the outline of a walnut half under a sprinkling of California sunshine - reassures consumers of a consistent quality product from a known source.
Potter found his groove this week in the California sunshine as he has bounced back from a broken ankle in 2014 to record just his second win on the USPGA Tour and first in five years.
The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad actress, 27, swapped California sunshine for a Pembrokeshire cafe.
LSD: The super powerful psychedelic drug, which sends users on a 12-hour "trip," is often referred to as Acid, Lucy, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Tabs, Doses, California Sunshine, L, Cid, Yellow Sunshine, Superman, Looney Toons, Dots, Battery Acid and Window Pane.
The Shelley actress, 42, who has lived in the California sunshine for years, is reprising her role as Cersei Lannister in the hugely-popular fantasy.
ALEX Gerrard looks as bright as the California sunshine as she watches husband Steven being introduced at new club LA Galaxy.
Police sources said, " The suppliers are using code language for LSD stamps as Siva- 1, Dalai Lama, California, Buddha and California Sunshine.
I was speaking to owner Michael Owen earlier in the week before he headed off to the California sunshine and he advised that his Brown Panther will be ponied down to the start ahead of the Turf race having blotted his copybook when bolting before the start at Arlington last time.
Channelling Gilda movie star Rita Hayworth, flame-haired Patsy looked every inch a star of the silver screen from the 1940s and 1950s as she basked on rocks in the California sunshine.
StayFitTM fitness center, plus an outdoor stretching area with medicine balls, resistance bands and yoga mats allowing guests to take advantage of the California sunshine.
Chez decided to ditch the UK for the California sunshine and has forked out to fly her mates - including Girls Aloud pals Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh - there for the do.
He often photographed his arresting subjects in iconic California sunshine, sometimes on the beach or in the desert, giving a fresh and accessible modern image to classic Hollywood glamour.
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