California Sunshine

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A regional street term for LSD
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Bright white and filled with California sunshine and Pacific Ocean views, the Lowe home has six bedrooms, 11 baths, large open formal rooms, a huge white and cheerful family kitchen, separate catering kitchen, wine room, multiple living and dining areas, professional theater and an expansive master suite.
WITH the California sunshine beating down on the blue carpet, the Teen Choice awards ceremony at the weekend was a riot of colour.
Pixie Geldof shows of her fab Los Angeles bod as she enjoys the California sunshine.
I'd seen photos of Jennifer Aniston looking so glamorous while doing it although the California sunshine may have helped
The new logo - the outline of a walnut half under a sprinkling of California sunshine - reassures consumers of a consistent quality product from a known source.
Potter found his groove this week in the California sunshine as he has bounced back from a broken ankle in 2014 to record just his second win on the USPGA Tour and first in five years.
While most of his social media posts since he moved to Los Angeles were about music, show biz, food, friends, saving homeless dogs from the shelter, performing at Pagans reunions, starring in music videos, writing books and kicking back, enjoying semi-retirement in the southern California sunshine, he periodically took time out to electronically eviscerate the sorry excuses we have for political leadership here in the Falls, writing for the Reporter, quite literally, until the day he died.
The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad actress, 27, swapped California sunshine for a Pembrokeshire cafe.
LSD: The super powerful psychedelic drug, which sends users on a 12-hour "trip," is often referred to as Acid, Lucy, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Tabs, Doses, California Sunshine, L, Cid, Yellow Sunshine, Superman, Looney Toons, Dots, Battery Acid and Window Pane.
Dressed in a yellow argyle vest and shirt, Jerry brought extra California sunshine to a meeting room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.
ALEX Gerrard looks as bright as the California sunshine as she watches husband Steven being introduced at new club LA Galaxy.
Police sources said, " The suppliers are using code language for LSD stamps as Siva- 1, Dalai Lama, California, Buddha and California Sunshine. The most expensive one of all of them is California Sunshine, while Dalai Lama and Buddha are in second and third positions." Sources said, " Before organising any party, peddlers Delhi's drug lords names of like Madhuri Sridevi & Rakhi to run heroin
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