California Psychological Inventory

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A personality testing instrument for age 13+, which consists of 480 true/false items
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As a result, most of the common personality tests currently used in Pakistan are tests translated from English, for example, the Urdu versions for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) (Saeed, Tahir, & Jahangir, 2001), NEO-PI-R (Chisti, 2002), and California Psychological Inventory or CPI (Ahmed, Haque, & Kamal, 1994).
Among other measures, the California Psychological Inventory (Gough, 1957) also taps masculine and feminine psychological characteristics in persons through F/M contents depicting gender role differentiation, beliefs, values, occupational interests typical of men and women.
The California Psychological Inventory is acclaimed to measure personality variables including femininity/masculinity that are relevant to all cultures in all times termed as 'folk concepts'.
Table 1 California Psychological Inventory, First Factor Scale Name Interpretation of High (H) and Love (L) Scores Dominance (Do) H: Confident, Assertive L: Cautious, Quiet Capacity for Status (Cs) H: Ambitious, Wants Success L: Unsure of self, not ambitious Sociability (Sy) H: Friendly.
California Psychological Inventory. Consulting Psychologists, Palo Alto, CA.
Conscientiousness has previously been shown to correlate positively with several scales from Gough's (1987) Revised California Psychological Inventory (CPI) (Costa, McCrae, & Dye, 1991).
California Psychological Inventory (CPI): Translated and adapted version of CPI (Ashfaq, 2000) was used.
The California Psychological Inventory 4th edition (CPI) (Gough, 1996) was used to measure instructor personality.
California Psychological Inventory (CPI) used in the present research was initially developed by Gough (1957).
Initial psychometric evaluation of Urdu version of California Psychological Inventory. Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 1(1-2), 3-16.
The data were collected with the help of translated Urdu versions of Taylor's Manifest Anxiety Scale (MAS) (Shujahat, 1980] and California Psychological Inventory (CPI) (Iftikhar, 1986].
California Psychological Inventory (Gough, 1956) is one of the most widely used objective type personality tests.

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