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31st state, admitted to the United States in 1850.
California encephalitis - encephalitis caused by genus Bunyavirus; may be seen in domestic animals and rodents.
californium - man-made radioactive actinide, chemical symbol Cf, used in radiotherapy.
California Psychological Inventory Test - personality inventory with emphasis on social interaction.
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On October 2, 2003, California's Governor signed two of the bills discussed in this article.
Prior to restructuring, California's public and investor-owned utilities generated most of the power that they sold.
Deregulation didn't cause California's crisis, since the state's energy market was never deregulated.
Interpretation of California's current practice privilege statute would require an out-of-state CPA performing tax services for a business headquartered in another state, but having some physical presence in California, to register with the CBA to provide those services.
General Motors might have been able to fulfill Roger Smith's auto show boast were it the only company in the zero-emissions game, but California's across-the-board mandate, applying as it does to all automakers, means that every large manufacturer is after a major share of a tiny market, making it highly unlikely that any one of them will ever meet the state's mandates.
This decision was reversed by the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, largely on the force of the Supreme Court of California's 1972 decision in Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
As illustrated by these two rulings, California's piecemeal approach to adopting Federal consolidated return principles can create a confusing road for taxpayers to travel.
Projections show that California's fuel would reduce total hydrocarbons in the air by no more than 1 or 2 percent.
During the two-week buildup to each year's Rose Bowl game, California's weather schadenfreude gets entirely out of control, The visiting Big Ten team is always from some ice-bound Siberia of the Midwest, so the Los Angeles Times runs feature after feature about the Ohio farm boys or Detroit urban toughs who are amazed to be sitting outside in shorts on Christmas day.
"We expect a continued increase of CalCPA members in California's high school classrooms," said John McWilliams, a professor at San Francisco State University and chair of CalCPA's Financial Literacy Committee.
Two recent books by self-consciously Californian writers - Peter Schrag's Paradise Lost: California's Experience, America's Future and Stephen Schwartz's From West to East: California and the Making of the American Mind - do precisely this.

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