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31st state, admitted to the United States in 1850.
California encephalitis - encephalitis caused by genus Bunyavirus; may be seen in domestic animals and rodents.
californium - man-made radioactive actinide, chemical symbol Cf, used in radiotherapy.
California Psychological Inventory Test - personality inventory with emphasis on social interaction.
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Court watcher Roger Friedman said Vivanco will apparently testify at the court in Santa Maria, Calfornia, the girl allegedly told him that her mother Janet Arvizo and her mother's partner Jay Jackson were "planning something big".
David, who recently met First Minister Jack McConnell, is also heavily involved in all things Scottish in Calfornia.
gov/court/, dispalys a system diagram of the Calfornia judical system and contains links to other California judicial sites including:
For example, a Calfornia State University system freshman would have to be able to perform math above the Algebra II level to take regular math 101.
This study proposes to continue the Szewczyk and Varma (1990) and the Fields, Ghosh, Kidwell, and Klein (1990) studies by (1) expanding the sample size, especially for those firms which have insignificant Calfornia exposure, (2) separating insurers into property-liability and multi-line groups [1], (3) recognizing that industry and event clustering problems can be addressed by employing Seemingly Unrelated Regression, and (4) examining the firm size effect of Proposition 103.
A laboratory information system coordinator from a midsize nonprofit hospital in Calfornia describes the situation at her laboratory: MLTs are being asked to do more and more work that once was done only by MTs and with little recompense.
Furthermore, the grapes in the Calfornia wine known as Gamay Beaujolais show the same genetic pattern as those in the French Pinot Noir and its cousin, Pinot Gris.
SIX YEARS AGO he was a local talk show host in Sacramento, Calfornia.
Currie Munce, IBM's director of hard disk drive technology, holds up the 1956 Ramac disc drive and a current IBM Microdrive at the company's hard drive museum in Calfornia.
CALFORNIA DREAMIN': The new VW Microbus mixes memories of the Sixties and Seventies with 21st century improvements to appeal to the modern camper fan; THE WAY WE WERE: The original T1 cult vehicle down at the beach
In a letter from his brother, Moses, in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1849, there is an enigmatic reference to Spencer's "better half," and Spencer himself mentions returning to "Kate" in an undated fragment of a letter from Calfornia.
Calfornia Ballet, May 19-20, Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, 4126 Executive Dr, 858/560-6741