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city in India.
Calcutta technique - a technique used in therapeutic irradiation by infrared rays; first observed in Calcutta, India.
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The book is also short on explorations of how economic interests may have affected the ways in which Calcuttans came to see sanitary citizenship.
Just south of the Hooghly river where busy Calcuttans, arriving, departing, collecting and delivering, stream both ways over the How-ran Bridge's eight lanes, I saw some pavement dwellers.
Reflexively, she raised a hand to her damp, curly red hair, a disheveled contrast to the long, oiled braids of the Calcuttans.
On a lesser note, one would also like to quibble over Chaudhuri's referring to phuchkas as golgappas, a term that is common in Bombay, where Chaudhuri grew up, but which many Calcuttans might not recognize.