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city in India.
Calcutta technique - a technique used in therapeutic irradiation by infrared rays; first observed in Calcutta, India.
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An especially severe loss was suffered in the rice purchased at Calcutta. We bought there what was called 'first-class famine rice.
The Calcutta Cup is so named because it was first created in India in 1879, during the british raj.
Bannockburn's various age groups will be showing off their skills throughout the day and all are welcome to enjoy a day of rugby and see the Calcutta Cup from 11.30am.
The court passed the order after hearing a writ petition filed by Rujira Narula in the Calcutta High Court challenging the summon issued by the Customs Office.
Dramatic footage captured on a security camera shows how a busy Calcutta street turned into carnage as the Majerhat road bridge collapsed, crushing cars and people below.
So let us start with the Parsi population of Calcutta. We see the first Parsis coming to this Bengali city in the 18th century.
He's new to Calcutta and after the war has nothing left to lose.
In this heritage walk we will retrace the steps of British administrator, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Wood to explore streets and identify buildings that were depicted in Wood's detailed map of 1784 of the European Settlement in Calcutta. Several streets and buildings that the map depicted still survive, albeit in different names.
Kolkata: The Full Bench of the Calcutta High Court on Monday unanimously rejected the proposal of the federal government to rechristen it as Kolkata and the decision has been communicated to the state law ministry.
Claflin University will partner with the University of Calcutta to promote female entrepreneurship in West Bengal, India.
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