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Munich Re Group, 2003, Pflegeversicherung: Internationale Rechnungsgrundlagen auf Basis einer Schadenstudie der Munchener Ruckversicherung [Long-Term Care Insurace: International Actuarial Calcualtion based on a claim study of the Munich Re] (Munich: Munich Re Group).
12 Activity ABC focuses on the Information about Based allocation of ABC can used to Costing costs implement cost leadership strategy 13 Service Calculate the cost Information from department that will allocate to this calcualtion, costing primary department can use as one of elements to analyze the efficiency every department 14 Budgeting Preparing annual This information can budget used by top level management to evaluate, whether the budget align with organization strategy 15 Standard Use to calculate COGM COGM can used to Costing evaluate the price that already set by management 16 Performance Calculate the This information can Evaluation difference between use to evaluate the actual and budget performance of department or division.
Since their tax was based on the AMT calcualtion, the decrease in the tax bracket was meaningless for them.