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The process of calcining.


Etymology: L, calcinare, to burn lime
the heating of inorganic materials to drive off water. It is used in dentistry to manufacture plaster and stone from gypsum. Compare calcification.


The process of heating a solid (e.g., an ore) in air below its melting point to effect thermal decomposition, phase transition or remove volatiles, thereby changing the original solid into something else—e.g., heating calcium carbonate to release CO2 gas and form calcium oxide.

calcination (kal´sinā´shən),

n a process of removing water by heat; used in the manufacture of plaster and stone from gypsum.
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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) of MSN (A), calcinated MSN (B), MSN-ITZ (C) and MSN-ITZ-CHI (D)
For an efficient calcination of the kaolinite material, the d50 of the calcinated material is a crucial parameter for a better pozzolanic behaviour.
The plant will turn white mineral magnesite into caustic calcinated magnesia which can be used in agriculture, construction, and fuel additives and dead burned magnesia which can be used for glass and refractory production.
The next samples of AF show a different composition because both main ODT components and O-PPG were used in all samples and only one abrasive; calcinated alumina with finest grain of 2,9-3,1[mu]m.
In this work, highest yields of acrylic acid are observed over the catalyst calcinated at 430[degrees]C, which can be attributed to the moderate solid acidity of catalysts.
224) [Beside him on the festal couch, the wretched moonlight visitor found only a rubble of ashes and calcinated bones.
After combustion for several seconds, the loose pink powders formed were rinsed with deionized water and ethanol, filtered, dried at 150 [degrees]C for 2 h, and calcinated at 800 [degrees]C for 4 h to prepare the Ni[Fe.
2] of grade Ch (TU 6-09-5335-88), calcinated at the temperature 973 K for 3 h, and metal calcium were used as the flux-forming materials.
Later in the film we will see the horrific and unforgettable images of the packed trains, the dead on arrival, the filled barracks, the mountains of hair and glasses, the skeletal bodies of men standing naked, the calcinated bodies of those who were burned, heaps of bodies pushed into a mass grave by a bulldozer.
They used frit, a calcinated mix which was more susceptible to temperature fluctuations and more easily scratched than hard-paste.
Many sprout farmers currently use calcium hypochlorite to eliminate bacteria from seeds, but organic farmers - who constitute about half the growers - resist this method, so Slade is researching alternative methods of treating seeds, such as thermal processing, electron-beam treatment, and disinfection with hydrogen peroxide or calcinated chloride.