Don Juan Fracture

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(1) Calcaneal comminuted fracture

(2) burst fracture of the lumbar or thoracic spine

The two different 'Don Juan fractures' share a common mechanism: axial load injury due to a fall from height and landing on the heels, classically caused in a cheating wife’s male lover who jumps from the bedroom window to escape an enraged spouse
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The patient had a butterfly fracture at the junction of the proximal and middle thirds of the left femur (already treated by ORIF using a long DCS plate), a left olecranon fracture (already treated by ORIF using tension band wiring), a right leg compartment syndrome (already treated by partial fasciotomy), a right calcaneal fracture (treated conservatively using a cast), a nondisplaced maxillary fracture, and a nondisplaced T12 vertebral body fracture.
The X-ray of the foot showed an intra-articular calcaneal fracture with a Boehler's angle of 5 degrees, as we can see in Figure 1.
" The patient was immediately taken in for treatment for his right leg affected by calcaneal fracture. Currently a 3D CT scan is being done to understand the extent of fracture and to decide on the course of action.
The CALCAnail Orthopedic Arthrodesis Nail is indicated for subtalar arthrodesis in the treatment of patients with comminuted fractures of the calcaneus, post-traumatic osteoarthritis and/or poor function resulting from calcaneal fracture sequelae, osteoarthritis of the posterior subtalar joint, or
Plain films of lower extremities were significant for a right patellar fracture (open fracture), a complex right talus and calcaneal fracture, and a non-displaced Lisfranc fracture of the left foot.
Concomitant injuries included calcaneal fracture in 8(12%) cases skull base fractures in 7(11%) ankle fracture in 2(3%) and pelvic fracture in 5(7.5%).
Patients were excluded if they reported any infective conditions of foot tumor calcaneal fracture metal implant history of systemic disease skin disease history of any major trauma or surgery in and around ankle joint and foot impaired circulation to lower extremities neurological disorders foot deformities arthritis and corticosteroid injections in heel preceding 3 months.
Atkins, "Assessing outcome following calcaneal fracture: a rational scoring system," Injury, vol.
Tenderness with heel compression (squeeze test) may indicate a calcaneal fracture or apophysitis.
This edition has been updated with new procedures, including minimally invasive calcaneal fracture fixation and subcutaneous plating pilon fractions; more on total ankle arthroplasty to reflect recent advances and improved outcomes; and information on minimally invasive techniques.
The next day, she was admitted to our hospital and was diagnosed with closed tongue-type calcaneal fracture (Figure 1).
11 Schepers12 studied the plantar pressure in 21 patients of intra-articular calcaneal fracture and concluded that there was no direct relationship between the plantar pressure distribution and the clinical effect.