Achilles’ Tendinitis

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Inflammation of the heel cord that is the extension from the triceps surae group of muscles characterised by pain and swelling along the tendon sheath proximal to the calcaneus
Management Physical therapy or brief immobilization, antiinflammatory agents
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Middleenergy ESWT protocol is commonly used in calcific tendinitis of the shoulder joint, trochanteric bursitis and calcaneal bursitis.
They are effective for a plantar calcaneal bursitis or plantar heel-spur syndrome.
The differential diagnoses for heel pain in a healthy active 50-year-old male typically include achilles tendinopathy and retro calcaneal bursitis.
The physical therapist (and fellow runner) whom I recently saw thought I had calcaneal bursitis and has been doing friction massage, stretching my gastroc muscles and iontophoresis.