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Ayurvedic medicine
Any of the body’s 7 or 8 energy centres, which act as “relay stations” for the flow of Life Forces and create a luminous energy field known as an aura that reflects the body’s energy; illness is viewed as the result of block or restriction in the flow of the body’s energy, which requires chakra balancing.

Root—1st chakra; base chakra
Governs survival instinct.

Base of spine; associated with colour red.
Sexual—2nd chakra; sacral chakra
Governs sexual instinct and emotions.

Behind navel; associated with sex organs and spleen and the colour orange.
Solar plexus—3rd chakra
Governs personal drives and sense of self-worth.

Below heart; associated with adrenal glands and the colour yellow.
Heart centre—4th chakra
Governs love and harmony.

Heart; associated with the circulation and the colour green.

Throat centre—5th chakra
Governs intelligence, creative expression, communication through sound, and truth.

Neck; associated with the thyroid gland and the colour blue.
Third eye—6th chakra
Governs mind, self, perceptions and intuition.

Deep in brain behind eyes; associated with pituitary gland and the colour indigo/deep blue or violet.
Crown—7th chakra
Governs relationship with the Force or Universal Self.

Top of  head; associated with the pineal gland and the colour purple/magenta.
Thymus centre—8th chakra; the “high heart”
Governs generosity and compassion.

Above heart; associated with the thymus and the colour tourquoise.
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An ancient Indian tradition of understanding human energy in a system of seven major vortices that activate and energize surrounding areas. Chakras are said to be accessed through the practice of polarity therapy, Reiki, and yoga.
See also: polarity therapy, Reiki
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, cakra (chăk′ră) [Sanskrit, cakra, wheel, turning]
In Ayurveda, Kundalini yoga and Tantric yoga, any of the seven energy centers running parallel to the spine that influence the conscious state of the body and therefore its health and well-being. Chakras are believed to interact directly with the endocrine and nervous systems to influence physical and emotional states.
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The term cakra is the Sanskrit word for "wheel, circle, or disc"; by extension, in Indian vedic medical systems, cakra has the specific meaning of the psycho-physiological energy centers conceived as vortices which facilitate the circulation of the winds and energies within the body organized into a coherent system by Patanjali in the Yogasutra.
This sealing (or mudra), it is claimed, physically prevents the "nectar of immortality" (amrta) from being consumed by the lower cakras, particularly The mampura cakra in the navel region (surya or sun).
Stricker has noted a parallel between the site of the uraeus and the Hindu tilaka, or red dot on the forehead, (5) a reference to the third dyd of Siva (6) and to the ajna cakra though which, according to Tantric doctrine, the serpent power emerges.
The most traditional silver combs have the following eight auspicious symbols: an umbrella (chatra) a sea shell (sankha), two fishes (yugala matshya), an endless knot (shrivatsa), a water pot (kalasha), a lotus (padma) and a wheel (cakra).
The Indofood Group produces several types of wheat flour sold in more than 20 brands such as Segitiga Biru/Gunung Bromo, Lencana Merah/Semar and Cakra Kembar/Kereta Kencana, which are quite popular in Indonesia.
The biography confirms Jalandhara as the site of the mind cakra of Vajrayogini and the palace of Cakrasamvara.
On one side of this stone are three hefty males who hold a club and standards bearing what appear to be a garuda (mythical bird) and a cakra (wheel).
Unfortunately, Stuart-Fox only makes cursory references to the high number of symbols that 'might seem to be related to the cakra system of yoga doctrines', which, being 'greater than the seven cakras of the classic cakra system, indicates that other doctrines are playing a role'; and simply mentions the copious 'small texts in Sanskrit and Old Javanese' the object bears, without providing a transliteration or a translation, let alone an interpretation.
Bogasari of the Indofood Group produces a number of types of wheat flour with different protein contents, sent to the market in 20 brands including Segitiga Biru, Gunung Bromo and Cakra Kembar/Kereta Kencana which are quite popular in the market, each contributing around 30% to the total sales of wheat flour of Indofood.
Next, to the presence [Thumma ila hadrat] of our master and lord, the Sultan of the saints, Sheikh Sharif Hidayatullah Sultan al-Mahmud, and to the spirit of our lady Sharifah Muda'im, and our lady Nyai Mas Penatagama Pesambangan, and to the spirit of our master and lord Pangeran Cakra Buana and to Sheikh Mursyahadat Illahi, especially to the spirit of our master and lord Sheikh Dhat ul-Kahf and to the spirit of our master and lord Sheikh Bayanullah, and to the souls of all the saints and sultans and people of the grave who lie buried at Gunung Sembung and Gunung Jati and their ancestors and descendants and the people mentioned in their silsilah [genealogies] and those who take [lineages] from them.
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