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(Ramón y Cajal) (kah-hahl', rah-mōn' ē ka-hal'),
Santiago, Spanish histologist and 1906 Nobel laureate, 1852-1934. See: Cajal cell, horizontal cell of Cajal, Cajal astrocyte stain, interstitial nucleus of Cajal.
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Key words: Hirschsprung's disease, Interstitial cells of Cajal, enteric nervous system.
A eureka moment in Cajal's career occurred in Madrid in 1887 when another scientist showed him the Golgi stain that made microscopic structures in brain tissue samples appear black against an amber background.
Over the years, I have read scientific texts, poured over the correspondence of Lorca, Cajal, del Rio-Hortega and others, examined drawings, and conversed with family members and students of the three men and their contemporaries.
Ten large magnification areas were counted in the same specimen from each case, and the number of Cajal cells was quantitatively determined.
In the book's first chapter, Cajal talks about science as a superior form of human evaluation and the limitations of subjective reasoning.
The sections of the uninvolved gallbladder wall did not show CD117-positive interstitial cells of Cajal.
Sosa-Velasco son claros: se trata de estudiar las "representaciones metaforicas de la enfermedad [o, para ser mas precisos, del cuerpo enfermo] en los medicos y escritores Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852-1934), Pio Baroja (1872-1956), Gregorio Maranon (1887-1960) y Antonio Vallejo Nagera (1888-1960).