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character in Old Testament of the Bible who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Cain complex - hatred of a brother due to envy or jealousy. Synonym(s): brother complex
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Britain's shores were unlikely to remain a boundary for Caines for long.
Celebrity chef Michael Caines is pictured (centre) with Andy Carson and Chris Allwood of Welsh Slate
John Caines, managing director of Payton Jewell Caines, with new property agent Sara Hawkins
And when it comes to fast food, Caines is something of a connoisseur.
Midlander Caines, 22, said: "I'm going to get a medal - but don't ask me what colour.
British 18-year-old Mark Lewis-Francis, a Birchfield team-mate of Caines, took bronze in the 60m behind American pair Tim Harden and Tim Montgomery.
Caine devotes most of his business energies to his growing restaurant empire.
Catherine Caines previously worked for Knight Frank.
However, Appeal Court judges cut that "tariff" to 12 years, which means Caines can now seek parole straight away.
In 2003, Caines lost his title when he was runner-up to Tyree Washington at Birmingham's NIA having been controversially shouldered aside by the big American.
They said Caines had maintained his conviction was racially motivated.
Not only is Caines the defending champion of the 400 metres but he is also one of Birmingham's major sporting stars.