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Conduit Artery Function Evaluation. A substudy of the Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial, which compared the beta blocker atenolol, with or without a diuretic, with a regimen based on amlodipine with or without the ACE inhibitor perindopril. CAFE showed reductions in central aortic BP with amlodipine + perindopril over atenolol + diuretic, despite similar brachial BPs between groups assessing the safety and efficacy of the PercuSurge Guardwire (PSG) distal occlusion system in carotid stent supported angioplasty
Primary endpoints Clinical events at 30 days
Conclusion Carotid stenting with distal protection using PSG is safe and has a high clinical, angiographic, and device success rate
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I enter this cafe to lunch, and this man here would expel me.'
Summary: Cafe Peloton opens its doors to foodies and bicycle enthusiasts alike
Coffee shops from across the country were celebrated at the inaugural Welsh Cafe Awards 2019.
City Police Officer, Rawalpindi, Mohammad Faisal Rana has issued directives to launch a crackdown on net cafes which, he said, had been emerging as the cause of law-breaking and immoral activities.
And the demand for pet cafes is currently huge in the city after the successful launch of the Kitty Cafe in Grand Central in May.
In 2018, the number of newly opened restaurants reached 641, while the number of cafes stood at 468, compared to 601 and 410 respectively in 2017.
Like many of the themed promotional cafes often associated with top anime shows, the Wizarding World Cafe will feature a character-themed menu and various merchandise.
The staff at these modern tea cafes is generally educated and ensures great care of the environment as well as customer service.
In 2014, Wheeling officials limited the number of gambling cafes to three, in part because of concerns that the businesses could have negative effects on the community.
2018 marks Starbucks 20th year since opening in the UK, and its work with all 20 community cafes will mean that each can continue to offer their local communities the space, support and guidance that is relied upon by many.
Pinsker describes a kind of "silk road" of Jewish cultural migration between cities and cafes across borders and continents, tracing a "network of mobility, of interconnected urban cafes that were central to modern Jewish creativity and exchange in a time of migration and urbanization." In the process, he documents the impact of recessions, war, anti-Semitism, sexism, the arts and squabbles among Jewish factions.
Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and many more cities in the UK now have cat cafes.