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a circumscribed area or place, usually distinguished by its color; see also macula and tache.
actual focal spot the section of a focal spot on which there is intersection of an electron beam with an anode of an x-ray tube.
Bitot's s's foamy gray triangular spots of keratinized epithelium on the conjunctivae, a sign of vitamin A deficiency.
blind spot
café au lait spot a light brown pigmented macule seen in neurofibromatosis and albright's syndrome.
cherry-red spot the choroid appearing as a red circular area surrounded by gray-white retina, as viewed throught the fovea centralis in tay-sachs disease. Called also Tay's spot.
cotton-wool spot white or gray soft-edged opacities in the retina composed of cytoid bodies; seen in hypertensive retinopathy, lupus erythematosus, and numerous other conditions.
effective focal spot the size of a projected focal spot in a specified direction measured with a quality assurance test tool such as the slit camera.
focal spot
1. the object of a patient's gaze during distraction techniques.
2. a small area of an x-ray target that receives the main electron stream.
Forschheimer s's a fleeting skin eruption consisting of discrete rose spots on the soft palate sometimes seen in rubella just prior to the onset of the skin rash.
Koplik's s's small, irregular, bright red spots on the buccal and lingual mucosa, with a minute bluish white speck in the center of each; they are pathognomonic of beginning measles.
liver spot
1. a lay term for senile lentigo.
2. (in pl.) tinea versicolor.
mental blind spot mental scotoma.
mongolian spot a type of congenital brown to gray-blue nevus; see also mongolian spot.
Roth's s's round or oval white spots consisting of coagulated fibrin seen in the retina in a number of diseases in which a vascular insult resulting in hemorrhage is followed by healing.
Tay's spot cherry-red spot.

café au lait spot

(kă-fā′ ō lā′)
A uniformly light to dark brown, sharply defined, usually oval-shaped patch of skin. The presence of six or more such spots in a child is associated with a form of neurofibromatosis.

café au lait spot

A generic term for large smooth (“coast of California”), sharply-demarcated cutaneous macules that are light brown in white people and dark-brown in black people, due to increased epidermal melanocytes and melanin. While up to 10% of the general population has these spots, > 6 spots of > 1.5 cm is virtually diagnostic of von Recklinghausen’s disease.
Albright’s disease (see Coast of Maine appearance), Russell-Silver syndrome, congenital syphilis, Jaffe-Campanacci disease.
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Cafe-au-lait macules (CALMs) are sharply defined, light-brown patches that vary in size from 0.
7) It is present in about 70% of affected subjects and appears a little later than the cafe-au-lait spots, the youngest case in one series being 3 years old.
Table 1: Clinical Presentation of Neurofibromas Type 1 in 50 Patients Clinical Feature Patients Patients Percent Examined Affected Neurofibromas (> 2) 50 50 100 Cafe-au-lait Macules (> 6) 50 49 99 Lisch Nodules (1-2) 50 30 60 Axillary/Inguinal Freckling 50 50 -- Short stature and Macrocephaly 50 1 2 First Degree Relative with NF1 50 10 20 Ventricular Dilation with 50 1 2 Aqueductal Stenosis on CT Table 2: Site Distribution of Neurofibromas in Neurofibromatosis Type1 Neurofibromas Head & Trunk Extremities Neck Benign neurofibromas Cutaneous 3 11 19 Subcutaneous 1 2 5 Plexiform 0 1 1 Segmental 0 0 1 Total (Percent) 9.
No physicians ranked skin tumors or cafe-au-lait macules as most important to treat (Table 1).
Patients are more likely than physicians (31% versus 3%) to rank manifestations that cause morbidity (skin tumors, learning disabilities, and cafe-au-lait macules) as most important.
Five or more cafe-au-lait spots larger than 5 mm in diameter in pre pubertal patients; six or more cafe-au-lait spots larger than 15 mm in diameter in post pubertal patients.
The diagnosis requires six or more cafe au lait cafe-au-lait spots, each larger than 1, 5 cm in diameter.
7 Cafe-au-lait spots are seen more frequently in blacks and if numerous they may be an early sign of diseases like neurofibromatosis.
5%) were in boys; followed by 4 (2%) newborns with cafe-au-lait macules, 2 (1%) were observed in girls and two (1%) in boys, while congenital melanocytic nevus was seen in only one newborn (0.
Cafe-au-lait spots were located on trunk in three (75%) neonates and on lower limb in one (25%) (Table 2).
Twenty seven (71%) out of 38 Sindhis had pigmented birth marks including Mongolian spots in 25 and cafe-au-lait spots in two of them.