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A gene on chromosome 1q21.1 that encodes a calcium and pH-dependent transmembrane connexin protein required for lens growth and maturation of lens-fibre cells. 

Molecular pathology
GJA8 mutations have been linked to zonular pulverulent cataracts, nuclear progressive cataracts, and cataract-microcornea syndrome.


caprine arthritis-encephalitis.
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As for Caer Amon, the fact that it is mainly local people who are buying speaks for itself.
Algunos estudios realizados por el Grupo de Investigaciones en Gerontologia y Geriatria de la Universidad de Caldas, en ancianos de 60 anos y mas que viven en comunidad en el Eje Cafetero colombiano, han permitido establecer que en esta poblacion la prevalencia de temor a caer esta entre 45 y 82% (27, 28).
On the other end of the scale are the Proposed Minimum Standards recommended by CAER for academic producers and libraries in higher education in Canada (CAER, 2003).
Dating from around 970 AD, Caer Beris was built on the site of an earlier caer (castle) and was probably once a Roman fort.
Audiences coming to enjoy the open air theatre shows at Caer Rhun Hall (located six miles away from Conwy town) are invited to bring along a rug and a picnic, with maybe a glass of something chilled to wash it all down, and enjoy a wonderful evening out with family and friends.
Llan & Caer remained a threat, and gradually eased their way back into the game, firing home a penalty corner of their own to reduce the deficit.
Las diferentes denominaciones del temor a caer a menudo se utilizan indistintamente (3), pues los investigadores usan los diferentes terminos como si se tratara del mismo constructo.
Que enorme distancia la que separa Leopardo al sol, de Laura Restrepo, publicada en 1993, de El ruido de las cosas al caer, de Juan Gabriel Vasquez, de reciente aparicion.
Awgrymai hyn fod yma safle o'r cyfnod Rhufeinig, mwy na thebyg aneddiad sifil, hynny yw, nid caer Rhufeinig amddiffynnol ond rhyw fath o bentref neu gymuned.
Caer Urfa and Hedworth scrapped it out in an entertaining match, the Shields team taking the points with a 4-2 victory.