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A gene on chromosome 1q21.1 that encodes a calcium and pH-dependent transmembrane connexin protein required for lens growth and maturation of lens-fibre cells. 

Molecular pathology
GJA8 mutations have been linked to zonular pulverulent cataracts, nuclear progressive cataracts, and cataract-microcornea syndrome.
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Administrators Duff and Phelps said: "We can confirm that Phil Duffy and Sarah Bell, both of Duff & Phelps, were appointed Joint Administrators on August 8 2019 to Caer Rhun Hotel Management Ltd.
Vital to optimizing the value of CAER are other elements, such as a mature, big data analytics capability, an automation program that leverages a variety of systems to collect current and relevant data, a partnership between the Army's sustainment and financial management communities, HQDA financial and sustainment leaders revising policies and procedures, field commands leveraging their tactical- and operational-level expertise to inform the program, and DOD senior leaders coming to the table to help improve enterprise processes.
As for Caer Amon, the fact that it is mainly local people who are buying speaks for itself.
En la literatura cientifica mundial se encuentra que entre los ancianos que han caido y que viven en la comunidad, la prevalencia de temor a caer varia enormemente, del 20% al 92% (9), y entre los que no han caido la prevalencia reportada va del 12% al 65% (10).
Le Caer's estate was a result of the property valued at $495,000 that was also included in Mrs.
CAER, a collaborative effort by natural gas, petroleum and liquid pipeline operators in Minnesota, organizes meetings annually for emergency responders on issues related to pipeline safety.
Yet he loves only the beautiful Caer; his search for her weaves him in and out of mortal dreams.
In Canada the Canadian Association of Educational Resource Centres for Alternate Format Materials (CAER) formed a consortium of eleven centers of production and delivery, which include provincially mandated libraries, one private library, and two university libraries to deliver resources across Canada to students in the K-12 system and to students in higher educational institutions served by the provincial centers.
Colburn apunta que en el ensayo escrito ad caer el bloque sovietico, Fukuyama se referia mas bien al fin de la politica, es decir, al fin del debate de ideas y a la aceptacion universal de la democracia liberal y del libre mercado como las formas supremas de sistema de gobierno y de organizacion economica.
On our brief trip to the principality, we stayed in the delightful Caer Beris Manor in Builth Wells.