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Greek mythological character raped by Poseidon, transformed into a fearsome male warrior in order to exact revenge.
Caenis syndrome - syndrome characterized by diminished or perverted appetite, hysterical personality, and female genital self-mutilation.
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These wetlands also had high densities of Anisoptera (Anax, Somatochlora), Trichoptera (Trianenodes, Ptilostomis), and Caenis. MC2 lacked Coleoptera and Sigara.
Vout 2007:15-16; or his lack of reference to the influence wielded by Vespasian's mistress Caenis (recorded at Cass.
Low hydraulic conditions and high level of physicochemical variables of lower sites were associated with the mayfly specie Caenis ludicra, the watermites Atractides spp., Torrenticola Columbiana and Dodecabates dodecaporus, the trichopteran specie Metrichia spp., and oligochaetes (Figure 2b).
Other groups (Ceratopogonidae, Hirudinea, Hydrachnidia, Sphaeriidae, Asellus aquaticus, Sialis lutaria, Caenis sp., various Trichoptera) were much rarer.
Vespasian's relationship with Antonia Caenis was similarly remarkable for Suetonius' emperors: (35) she was a freedwoman of Antonia (Caligula's grandmother), probably older than Vespasian, with good connections to the Julio-Claudian family that may have served Vespasian well during the reigns of Caligula and Claudius.
Good dry fly sport in the evenings with Sedges the best of the larger patterns, and small white duns are attracting fish that are focussed on caenis.
Among the other macrobenthic and pseudomeiobenthic groups, three taxa were the most frequent in the samples: the crustacean Asellus aquaticus (8 sites, in the lagoons and lakes), the ephemeropteran Caenis sp.
Based on rank abundance, Cheumatopsyche spp., Calopteryx maculata, Polypedium spp., Caenis spp., Stenelmis spp., Cricotopus/Orthocladius group, Tanytarsus spp., Ceratopsyche cheilonis, and Thienemannimyia group were found at more than 50% of the sites.
169-209) Ovid recounts the tale of Caenis, a woman from Thessaly, who upon her request was changed by Neptune into the man Caeneus.
The story of the Roman Emperor Vespasian and his mistress Antonia Caenis fascinated Lindsey, and, given the lack of information about Antonia, she decided to turn it into a novel.
Dominant macroinvertebrates collected at greater than 70% of the sites were: Caenis sp., Stenonema femoratum, Lirceus lineatus, Physella integra 54 species from 11 major taxa were collected overall, with highest diversity in the smallest order tributaries.