cadmium poisoning

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cadmium poisoning

A condition associated with industrial exposure; cadmium poisoning occurred in Japan due to contamination of drinking water by mining runoffs, resulting in itai-itai (“ouch-ouch”) disease, possibly hypertension.
Clinical findings
Renal tubule disfunction (aminoaciduria), glucosuria, hyperphosphatemia, hepatic fibrosis, emphysema and COPD, osteomalacia accompanied by bone pain.

Daily intake
40 µg/day, primarily from food.

Total body burden
± 30 mg.
Gastrointestinal tract 5%; lungs 80%.

Serum in tan top tube.

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cadmium poisoning

Toxicology A condition associated with industrial exposure to cadmium Clinical renal tubule disfunction–aminoaciduria, glucosuria, hyperphosphatemia, hepatic fibrosis, emphysema and COPD, osteomalacia accompanied by bone pain. See Cadmium, Itai-itai disease, Toxic metal.
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BEIJING -- At least 26 villagers have died from cadmium poisoning and hundreds more fallen ill since 2009 near a disused factory in central China, local media said Wednesday, underscoring the country's mounting pollution challenge.
Severe cadmium poisoning is known to cause substantial renal impairment, nausea, liver damage with increased liver enzymes, pulmonary impairment in cases of inhalation, hemolytic anemia, and thrombosis (3, 4, 6, 7).
Mercury is a stable, unnecessary heavy metal with high toxicity and without biological variability remained persistent during the transition from different trophic levels in food chain through bioaccumulation processes [47]Nowadays, mercury and cadmium poisoning incident through fish and shellfish in Minamata (Japan), caused intensified researched in case of heavy metals accumulation in aquatic ecosystems [4,24,25,42].