Aldo, 20th-century Italian psychiatrist. See: De Sanctis-Cacchione syndrome.
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De Sanctis Cacchione variant (dSCS) and Rothmund Thomson syndrome (RTS), which were among the differential diagnosis were ruled out upon careful evaluation.
The interaction between low-mode internal waves and largeamplitude topography, such as continental slopes or tall isolated ridges, is strongly dependent on the steepness of the topography (Cacchione and Wunsch 1974; Johnston and Merrifield 2003; Legg and Adcroft 2003; Venayagamoorthy and Fringer 2006; Helfrich and Grimshaw 2008; Hall et al.
Cacchione et al., "Characteristics of medical professional liability claims in patients with cardiovascular diseases," The American Journal of Cardiology, vol.
Cacchione, CFA, founder of Oil and Gas Financial Analytics and a former senior director of IHS Herold, said, "Most Upstream M/A outlooks are based on historical trends, an approach that has limited value for an industry in crisis.
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Cacchione, Mechanical Characterisation and simulation of fracture processes in polysilicon MEMS, PhD Thesis.
De Sanctis Cacchione syndrome has been associated in very few patients XP groups A and D, which represents the most aggressive disease.
Because UI interventions and treatment can save older adults from nursing home placement, Bradway and Cacchione (2010) recommend that nursing faculty incorporate incontinence education in both the classroom and clinical setting.
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Frank Cacchione is CEO of TNC Management Group, specializing in applying advanced business analytics, systems development, and project management support for the insurance industry.