Cabbage Soup Diet

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A 7-day fad diet whose advocates claim cabbage has unique fat-burning properties; any weight loss that does occur is due to the regimen’s low caloric intake
Pros Rapid weight loss for important event
Cons Boring selection of food; weight loss is transient and primarily water weight; headaches, weakness, loss of concentration; lacks required vitamins and minerals
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THE Cabbage Soup Diet has been voted the silliest weight loss fad for 50 years.
Two thousand Brits were asked to vote on what they considered to be the most ludicrous diet and fitness fads - from the cabbage soup diet to face yoga.
"I felt tired and miserable and felt too embarrassed to join in with many activities with my family or friends" The 59 year old said she had a life time of struggling with her weight and 'yo-yo' dieting, trying every diet going from the grapefruit and egg diet to cabbage soup diet. "I would lose weight but would always put it back on again and even more!
For that reason, the cabbage soup diet is very controversial.
Charmaine tries the cabbage soup diet, while Caroline eats only potatoes.
One tries the cabbage soup diet, while the other does the - wait for it - the potato diet.
The research came as no surprise to Rob, who supports 10 consultants in the town, as he explained: "I tried so many fads when I decided I wanted to lose weight - skipping meals, food replacement shakes, even the cabbage soup diet. You name it, I did it.
I have pretty much tried most diets, the most bizarre being the Cabbage Soup Diet topped only by the Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice.
You can lose a lot of weight quickly on a cabbage soup diet, but it's super gross and not sustainable.
1950S: CABBAGE SOUP DIET DESIGNED to help shed weight fast, this popular fad came with some serious health risks.
Then came the 1960s, when the support groups and cabbage soup diet, which promised followers to lose 17 pounds, took over.
Cabbage Soup Diet. Designed for short-term weight loss, this diet involves eating cabbage soup for seven days with the aim of losing 10 lbs.