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The local ethics committee stated that its permission was not necessary as CVVH with RCA was used to treat patients with AKI in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital on a routine basis.
Postdilution CVVH was performed with a fixed blood flow rate of 150 ml/min and a replacement fluid flow rate of 2000 ml/h for each new circuit.
It is notable that both groups had higher ICPs compared to the patient who had received CVVH.
sup][15] Some authors also suggest that CVVH or sustained low-efficiency dialysis (SLED) may also be used to prevent DDS.
CVVHDF is the therapy that merges the mechanisms of CVVH and CVVHD using both the principles of convection and diffusion.
Hence, we continued CVVH for 75 hours in our patient, which was well over five times the reported half-life of DDS by Neuvonen et al (6).
A specific consideration should be done with respect to three studies comparing conservative treatment versus CVVH or high volume haemofiltration (58,62), or in patients without AKI (8) respectively.
As a consequence of the above issues no further CVVH intervention occurred, the patient's thrombocytopenia became worse and her condition deteriorated further, at which point CVVH was seen as a futile treatment.
The animals were randomly assigned to normal control group (n=4), peritonitis group (n=6) and peritonitis plus CVVH (n=6).
During RAD therapy, the replacement of the ultrafiltrate lost in CVVH is administered by a postdilution method because a predilution replacement fluid is infused pre-hemofilter, causing some of it to be filtered into the ultrafiltrate, thus changing its composition.
CAVH CVVH Blood flow dependent on blood Blood flow rates set on pump pressure Slow blood flow Ability to adjust blood flow rates Less efficient water removal, More efficient water removal, less solute clearance and better solute clearance Frequent clotting Brisk blood flow decreases clotting No alarm system Arterial, venous, and air pressure alarms Risk using femoral artery No femoral artery used, large veins only
This draws upon the use of advanced education and clinical training to assist with development and implementation of the renal services program at all acute, subacute, and chronic sites, including CVVH in the ICUs.