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X-ray devices accounted for a larger market share as compared to CT scan devices.
And even when CT scans or other radiology tests are necessary, doctors and technicians don't always take steps to limit radiation exposure.
YOUNGSTERS who have CT scans are more likely to get cancer than those who do not, a study suggests.
CT scans can also decrease surgeries; CT scans for patients with abdominal pain reduced the number of unnecessary appendectomies in women aged 45 and younger from 42.
Researchers estimate that for every 10,000 head CT scans given to children aged ten years or younger, one more case of leukaemia and one more brain tumour would be diagnosed as a result.
However it is important that CT scans are only used when justified.
BALANCE THE RISK Professor Sir Alan Craft WARNING Newcastle University''s Dr Mark Pearce who led the new CT scan research
The hearing heard that an urgent CT scan had been due to be carried out on Ms McEneaney's hip and abdomen in December 2007, but it was not performed for another month.
2009) looked at data for the approximately 72 million CT scans that were performed in the United States in 2007.
The CT scan will find out whether it is to do with an infection or another stroke.
In the initial CT scan of the abdomen and the pelvis, intraluminal pathology, if found, is always mentioned.
To wit, the radiation dose from a typical CT scan (short for computed tomography and commonly known as a "cat scan") is 600 times more powerful than the average chest x-ray.