CT and MRI

CT and MRI

Two high technology methods of creating images of internal organs. Computerized axial tomography (CT or CAT) uses x rays, while magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnet fields and radio-frequency signals. Both construct images using a computer.
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Q. I get bad headaches had ct scans and m.r.i. even sinus surgery, suffering 2yrs now, dizzness occurs too..

A. If all prior medical investigations turned out normal, and sinus surgery didn't help relieve your symptoms, I would suggest the reason for your headaches is probably migraine attacks, that can cause severe headaches, and no CT scan or MRI can diagnose them. The diagnosis is made clinically, by your doctor. Migraine headaches can be eased by proper medications, before and during an attack. You should consult a neurologist.

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Reducing the frequency of sedation for MRI and CT is important for multiple reasons, including patient safety, improving patient and family satisfaction, easing patient flow through the CT and MRI suites, and cost considerations.
Both CT and MRI can suggest a preoperative diagnosis.
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9) The lesions observed in out patient were of the dentigerous variety, because unerupted teeth were visible in both the mandibular and maxillary cysts on CT and MRI.
Describe the current approaches to the use of multi-detector CT and MRI to thoracic abnormalities
In our patient, CT and MRI detected dystrophic calcification in a deep lobe parotid mass.
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CT and MRI are both useful in evaluating the extent of the lesion.
Siemens has really revolutionized the views on traditional CT and MRI scanning: no longer do patients have to trade anxiety for high-resolution imaging due to the introduction of the Definition and the Espree," said Subha Basu and Sachin Thukral, research analysts, Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare Group.
The characteristic findings of lipomas on CT and MRI are well described.
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