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Abbreviation for:
catalysed signal amplification
cell surface antigen
central sleep apnoea
child sexual abuse
Child Support Agency (Medspeak-UK)
chondroitin sulphate A
chronic severe anaemia
chronic stable angina
clinical skills assessment
Clinical Spine Application (Medspeak-UK)
common services agency (Medspeak-UK)
computer science application
continuous spinal anaesthesia
Controlled Substances Act
craniospinal axis
cross-sectional area
cyclosporin A


Cyclosporin A, see there.


canine secretory alloantigen.


cyclosporin A.
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The CSA Group Taiwan Office is inviting all pipeline operators to a dedicated symposium, offering the opportunity for anyone involved in the construction and maintenance of pipeline systems to interact with local CSA Group experts who will assist them in understanding the requirements of CSA Z662.
CSA STAR certification assessment is based on the technology-neutral certification leverages the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 management system standard.
Speaking to M AIL T ODAY , a senior BCCI official said, " We have always had very warm relationship with CSA and we believe in maintaining them.
Of these 122 farms, 28 were no longer operating as CSAs, seven turned out to be CSA contributors without primary responsibility for shares and 13 did not meet our revised CSA definition.
OCW now plans initiatives across Wales to encourage uptake of CSA, working the likes of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, which is currently rolling out its own uptake programme.
Finally, CSA has also purchased PapersInvited, a service developed by Business One, Inc.
By connecting to a CSA farm, consumers are able to create valuable relationships and at the same time, they help maintain the unique characteristics of this region.
Although the top swimmers separate themselves from their CSA teammates during practice, Davidson said they are by no means isolated.
Plasma obtained from patients receiving CSA is not ideal for determining a pharmacodynamic response because ~50-70% of the drug concentrates in erythrocytes in a temperature-dependent fashion (5,20).
The necessary commitment to farmers, the community, and the future an individual must make to join a CSA seems a sacrifice, especially if no one else is doing it.
There are several groups of people who are suffering as a result of the CSA getting it wrong - and that means thousands of families cracking up.
The regulations, requirement that every participant be able to benefit from every intangible developed under a CSA.