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Abbreviation for:
catalysed signal amplification
cell surface antigen
central sleep apnoea
child sexual abuse
Child Support Agency (Medspeak-UK)
chondroitin sulphate A
chronic severe anaemia
chronic stable angina
clinical skills assessment
Clinical Spine Application (Medspeak-UK)
common services agency (Medspeak-UK)
computer science application
continuous spinal anaesthesia
Controlled Substances Act
craniospinal axis
cross-sectional area
cyclosporin A


Cyclosporin A, see there.


canine secretory alloantigen.


cyclosporin A.
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Increase foreign sales corporation benefits: Use of a CSA can increase foreign sales corporation (FSC) income, at least in the short term, because cost-sharing receipts reduce the domestic corporation's research expenses.
Among the highlights of the event were the much-awaited Panel Discussion on 'Top Threats to Cloud Computing,' and Press Conference attended by both CSA APAC and PH leaders, and local CIOs of various companies.
Many CSAs still use the traditional business model of a farmer or network of farmers offering consumers regular (usually weekly) deliveries of locally-grown farm products, particularly fruit and vegetables, during the growing season on a subscription or membership basis.
CSA Group has established solid customer relations with Taiwan local enterprises since its first lab opened in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City in 2012.
CSA owners communicated with their shareholders using newsletters, email, websites, and bulletin boards at drop-off sites (Oberholtzer, 2004).
CSA is also due to launch the CCSK Training Partner Network soon.
Forty-eight of the 54 CSA farmers interviewed completed the survey; the others did not after repeated reminders.
OCW now plans initiatives across Wales to encourage uptake of CSA, working the likes of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, which is currently rolling out its own uptake programme.
We looked at several companies before choosing CSA, and because the CSA suite of software products offer a complete package inclusive of, domestic, international, accounting, and client applications, from a single seamless web based product, the choice was easy for KFS," said James Keller President - KFS.
4 million miles over 71 years without ever getting into an accident; but under CSA 2010 guidelines they would be terminated.
CSA Czech Airlines's bosses made the offer in return for pay cuts agreed by the airline's employees.
Through CSA 2010, FMCSA expects to reduce motor carrier crashes, fatalities, and injuries by using better ways to identify unsafe carriers and drivers; assessing a larger portion of the motor carrier industry and holding carriers and drivers accountable for sustained performance by regularly determining their safety fitness; and expanding the range of interventions to be used with carriers and drivers that fail to comply with safety requirements.