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(kript), [TA]
A pitlike depression or tubular recess.
Synonym(s): crypta [TA]
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Crypta Labs is a UK-based mobile security startup, developing a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG); this is a True Random Number, using the quantum property of light.
The resemblance to dolia from the late-seventh-century Crypta Balbi deposit in Rome (Ricci 1998, fig.
Encrypta Electronics has won the Best Integrated Security Solution award for its Crypta Data Tag product in the Security Excellence Awards presented by Security Management Today.
In Rome, meanwhile, the National Museum has opened its new Crypta Balbi branch which displays art and artifacts uncovered by an archaeological dig going back to B.C.
Major players in the global quantum cryptography market include Crypta Labs (UK), Magiq Technologies (USA), Infineon (Germany), Nucrypt LLC (USA), NEC Corporation (Japan), PQ Solutions (UK), Quintessencelabs (Australia), Qubitekk (USA), Qutools GmbH (Germany), and Toshiba (Japan).
London, United Kingdom, September 14, 2016 --( London-based quantum and mobile security start-up Crypta Labs has strengthened its cybersecurity expertise with the appointment of leading transport security expert, Dr.