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Karl S.F., German obstetrician and gynecologist, 1819-1892. See: Credé methods.
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Triparthi points out that McGeveran's article was also the inspiration for the name, "Experto Crede," because one of its themes was a contention that in a new and emerging field like data privacy law, one needs to trust the experts.
Self-efficacy positively predicts students' course grades (Brackney & Karabenick, 1995; Crede & Phillips, 2011).
Even though studies done by authors like Harms and Crede (2010) and Modassir and Singh (2008) rather revealed that transformational leadership does not significantly predict EI, the findings of the present study are in congruence with the work of Barbuto and Burbach (2006).
These warrants were previously issued by 22nd Century Group to Crede CG III Ltd.
What is missing from this enumeration of needful knowledge, however, is the declaration of faith--"y can noght my Crede" (l.
18 September 2014 - Crede CG III Ltd has acquired around 3.9m shares in US plant biotechnology company 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII) for an aggregate price of USD10m (EUR7.8m), the latter said on Thursday.
2008 -- Joe Crede and Paul Konerko each hit grand slams for the White Sox against the Tigers, the third time Chicago has had multiple grand slams in the same game in its history.
The patient had overflow incontinence for about 2 years and had been urinating with the Crede's maneuver for 10 months.
But the findings of different studies (Crede and Kuncel, 2008) had pointed out clearly that different factors such as study attitudes, family environment, intrinsic motivation, attitude towards education, time management, anxiety, and self-control etc.
Crede, Roch and Kieszczynka (2010) conducted a meta-analysis examining the relationship between college class attendance and grades.