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n contract-relax, antagonist contract; a proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) technique that uses antagonist and agonist muscles to stretch and relax taut muscles. See also PNF.
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One of the challenges of this arrangement is to provide the proper distribution of the chilled air to the racks provided by CRAC units situated on the raised floor.
CalciMedica is the leading biopharmaceutical company focused on CRAC channels and the discovery and development of novel drugs for the treatment of acute or chronic diseases that are affected by these channels.
The same principle can be applied to data centers and newer CRAC units are available with Electronically Commutated (EC) fans that can modulate the airflow to the underfloor void.
Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam was forced to address the issue of community police and CRAC during a recent visit to Acapulco.
Jane O'Toole, of CRAC, said: 'Our biggest challenge now is getting everyone to the polling stations and we are willing to offer transport to anyone who needs it.
CRAC intensified its organizing effort at the tribal council, making the hog farm one of the top issues in the tribal election.
For the secondary system serving the data center labs, there is more than one CRAC unit serving the same lab.
Upon sensing this change, STIM1 opens a type of pore in the cell membrane, called a CRAC channel, to allow the flow of calcium ions - a vital step in activating the immune system.
After introductions and a networking primer, he discusses concepts and analytical measures for green operations; power management basics; HVAC and CRAC basics; regulatory and best practices background; environmentals; and virtualization, web services, cloud/network computing, hosting, and packetization.
With the Iceotope system, data centre operators can reduce or eliminate the requirement to run the CRAC units and chillers by directly connecting the liquid cooled servers to a recirculating "warm" (rather than chilled) water supply that transfers heat from the servers to the air outside the data centre.
More importantly, the initial scenario required 14 computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units with a cooling capacity of 385 tons and still experienced hot spots, compared to the containment scenario, which only required seven CRAC units for a cooling capacity of 220 tons and resulted in no hot spots.
Lea-anne Ball, personnel director at Lynx Express, said: "We are committed to developing innovative and effective work-based training programmes to attract and retain high-calibre staff, and the invitation to Gary and Paula to present at the CRAC event reflects the recognition among key influencers of our position at the forefront of developments in training in the logistics industry.