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n contract-relax, antagonist contract; a proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) technique that uses antagonist and agonist muscles to stretch and relax taut muscles. See also PNF.
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Customers can see the temperature and power monitoring associated with their rack, but not the CRAC unit operations, adds Thorsteinson.
Most of the studies on optimization of cooling operation consider CRAC supply temperature as the control parameter, or consider CRACs that are controlled by a temperature sensor located at their supply (Bash et al.
58) One policy, Hope said, could involve a new federal community police law defining exactly what groups such as the CRAC can do and finding mechanisms to control the authentic vigilantes.
Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam was forced to address the issue of community police and CRAC during a recent visit to Acapulco.
Todos los Coordinadores tienen el mismo rango y nivel y entre ellos se organizan para que en las oficinas de la CRAC siempre este presente alguno para dar atencion.
Despues de 12 anos de existencia, el sistema de seguridad y justicia de la CRAC ha conseguido establecer una jurisdiccion autonoma, paralela al Estado.
Para averiguar a traves de cual de estos mecanismos se produce la modulacion de los canales CRAC tratamos las celulas con inhibidores del uniportador (rojo de rutenio o Ru360) o del transportador de ADP/ATP (atractilosido o acido bongkrekico).
Gwyn Thomas, of the CRAC, who are touring the streets of Canton in a minibus this week, said: 'It's going to be chaos.
There would be no environmental impact statement," explains CRAC attorney Jim Dougherty.
The increased numbers of first class and upper second degrees was fuelling higher expectation among students, said CRAC chief executive David Thomas, though he played down suggestions that degrees were being "dumbed down".
No obstante, llama la atencion los pobres resultados obtenidos por las CRAC cuya morosidad se situo en 15.
So CRAC joined forces with the local chapter of the National Audubon Society and the Humane Farming Association and successfully sued the Bureau of Indian Affairs to force the agency to halt the project until an EIS was completed.