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Abbreviations, with numeric subscripts according to structure, often used for prostaglandins. Letters A, B, and so on, indicate the nature of the cyclopentane ring (substituents, double bonds, orientation); numeric subscripts indicate the number of double bonds in the alkyl chains.


pteroylglutamic (folic) acid.

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Q. My boy has diabetes. Recently he was diagnosed with vitiligo. What is it and what can be the reason for this? My boy has diabetes. recently he was diagnosed with vitiligo. Our doctor said that he hopes it not a polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. what is vitiligo and what does this big phrase (polyglandular autoimmune syndrome) mean?

A. Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder and the major cause of vitiligo is the autoimmunity. Some internal factor cause the destruction of melanocytes cell which produce the melanin a substance responsible for the coloration of skin. this lack of melanin infect results in <a href="">white patch on skin</a> of hypo pigmentation.
Normally vitiligo is not related with other disease like diabetes. However a little inheritance may include in the occurence of vitiligo.

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T-MOBILE USA Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Financial Measures to GAAP Financial Measures (dollars in millions, except for CPGA and CCPU) (unaudited)
Management uses CPGA to measure the efficiency of our customer acquisition efforts, to track changes in our average cost of acquiring new subscribers over time, and to help evaluate how changes in our sales and distribution strategies affect the cost-efficiency of our customer acquisition efforts.
Linda Henderson, member of CPGA and MNA President, takes on the additional duty of secretary during the April CPGA meeting.
CPGA -- The Company utilizes CPGA to assess the efficiency of its distribution strategy, validate the initial capital invested in its customers and determine the number of months to recover customer acquisition costs.
CPGA for the three months ended September 30, 2010 was reduced as the result of a $28 million tax credit we received in Brazil during the third quarter of 2010.
Average revenue per user, or ARPU, cost per gross addition, or CPGA, and cost per user, or CPU, are non-GAAP financial measures utilized by the Company's management to judge the Company's ability to meet its liquidity requirements and to evaluate its operating performance.
In addition to the preliminary results prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States (GAAP) provided throughout this press release, NII has presented consolidated OIBDA, ARPU, CPGA and Net Debt, as well as information based on consolidated operating revenues, consolidated OIBDA and consolidated ARPU that are compared on a constant currency basis, which adjusts the Company's results using the same average currency exchange rates for second quarter of 2009 and 2008.
Consolidated cost per gross add, or CPGA, was $254 for the first quarter 2009, a significant improvement over the first quarter 2008 reflecting the impact of lower handset subsidies and lower currency exchange rates.
We also maintained our focus on managing costs and reported industry-leading low consolidated CPGA and CPU," said Roger D.
Consolidated cost per gross add, or CPGA, was $310 for full year 2008 -- a $20 improvement over 2007.
Cost Per Gross Addition (CPGA) decreased in the quarter to $79 on a blended basis, down from the $80 CPGA in the prior quarter, reflecting the lower marketing activity in India, where the CPGA decreased to $68 for the fourth quarter of 2007 from $75 in the third quarter of 2007.
This press release uses several financial performance metrics, including Adjusted EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA margin, ARPU, CCPU, CPGA, free cash flow and unlevered free cash flow, which are not calculated in accordance with GAAP.