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Em relacao aos CH, empregam-se os sistemas usuais para a preservacao de eritrocitos, incluindo as bolsas com CPDA-1 como anticoagulante e solucoes aditivas, como ADSOL ou SAGM, para preservacao dos eritrocitos entre 4 [+ or -] 2 [degrees]C.
[11,12,13,14] Therefore, adenine is added to the anticoagulant CPDA-1, prolonging the duration of storage.
Sousa et al., "Evaluation of hematologic, Blood gas, and select biochemical variables in ovine whole blood stored in CPDA-1 bags," Veterinary Clinical Pathology, vol.
One milliliter of CPDA-1 (Jorgenson Laboratories, Loveland, CO, USA) was drawn into a 12-mL syringe with a 20-gauge needle.
Biochemical parameters: Twenty five units each of whole blood, CPDA-1 RBC, SAGM RBC were tested serially for the following biochemical parameters: supernatant potassium ([K.sup.+]), pH, lactate, haemoglobin, glucose and red cell 2,3 DPG up to 21 days of storage.
Two 8-mL samples of marrow bonewere withdrawn from each dog, one containing 2.0mL CPDA-1 (citrate phosphate dextrose adenine-1) anticoagulant solution and the other 2.0mL anticoagulant solution composed of 1.0mL heparin (5000 IU/mL) and 1.0mL phosphate buffered saline (PBS).
Traditionally, a request for fresh blood transfusion, (less than seven-day-old and collected in CPDA-1 [citrate phosphate dextrose adenine]), is due to the three following concerns in using older blood:
Vrksztmny-elolltshoz szksges CPDA-1 alvadsgtl- s trol oldat, 6080 ml/zsk.
The filtered content was transferred to a blood bag (500mL blood collection bag, CPDA-1, JP Pharmaceutical Industry A.S.), from which anticoagulant had previously been removed.
1 Part One: Blood composition-production CPDA-1 anticoagulant and storage solution
Parameter biochemical and hemogasometric of the total blood stored of dogs in plastic stock markets I contend CPDA-1 and CPD/SAG-M.