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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002

UK legislation which requires risk assessments for all chemicals and biologicals used in the laboratory. Employers are tasked with providing free vaccines against pathogens (if such are available) and are required to maintain health records on employees who handle or are exposed to Hazard Group 3 and 4 agents.


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9% [72/185]) of salons either had full or broad compliance in their management systems (which will have covered adequate COSHH assessment, provision of health and safety information, employees' training, and management commitment).
Under the COSHH procedure, the hospital must take steps to prevent exposure to infection, including MRSA, by having procedures in place to clean and sterilise equipment.
Until there is a full-blown trial that decides whether the COSHH regulations truly apply, this will remain a grey area.
It is also recommended they undergo extensive health and safety training, which covers COSHH, PPE and risk assessments.
I work with a great set of people and now find that my expertise is valued by those I work with, for instance I took a lead role in a recent COSHH safety assessment, and took responsibility of my own area during the biggest plant overhaul the site has ever seen.
Unlike chemical sanitisers, there are no hazardous substances involved and therefore no COSHH requirements.
The week is an annual event and this year's theme is hazardous substances -chemicals used in the workplace,dusts and fumes which cause occupational asthma, asbestos is and the need for COSHH assessments and substitution.
To help farmers make their property more secure, NFU Mutual's Risk Reduction Service includes a detailed study of security on individual farms in addition to its recommendations on health and safety, hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCPS), with COSHH assessments, and Business Recovery Planning.
The contract, awarded by Wilson James which provides logistics services on the airport, covers all construction waste arising at Heathrow Airport as well as COSHH waste and waste from welfare facilities including food.
Health and Safety regulations require employers to generate and maintain detailed Risk Assessments to COSHH standards.
Registered customers will therefore be able to view important COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) information relating to each product.
The first day covers general health and safety issues ranging from manual handling to COSHH.