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 [ko´nus] (pl. co´ni) (L.)
1. a cone-shaped structure.
2. posterior staphyloma of the myopic eye.
conus arterio´sus the anterosuperior portion of the right ventricle of the heart, at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk. Called also infundibulum.
conus medulla´ris the cone-shaped lower end of the spinal cord, at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae.


Plural of conus.


Abbreviation for:
Care Of the Next Infant (Medspeak-UK)


Plural of conus.
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The capital raised under this financing will be utilized by CORRE to fund its operations for 2013 and resume with its bids for the forthcoming 2013 projects.
CORRE is also pleased to announce it has secured $1.