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 [ko´nus] (pl. co´ni) (L.)
1. a cone-shaped structure.
2. posterior staphyloma of the myopic eye.
conus arterio´sus the anterosuperior portion of the right ventricle of the heart, at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk. Called also infundibulum.
conus medulla´ris the cone-shaped lower end of the spinal cord, at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae.


Plural of conus.


Abbreviation for:
Care Of the Next Infant (Medspeak-UK)


Plural of conus.
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"Being aware of change in the approach and methodology, companies must be ready to invest in training and let the operation grow following implementation of new technologies," Conio adds.
Conio: Converters are looking for simple to use equipment, that is foolproof even for unskilled operators and that is able to safely handle new delicate substrates like dispersibles and lotions with almost zero preservatives.
presentano iscrizioni nelle tre lingue canoniche del programma culturale, di conio umanistico-biblico, con il quale Erasmo si identificava: il latino, il greco, il ebraico." Thus, from the Adagia, there are two Latin inscriptions on the facade of this palace, serpentis oculus and lingua clavus, two Greek, domus amica, domus optima and aut ter sex aut ter tesserae" and two Hebrew, harundines sub eodem tecto ne habeas, and malo acceptas stultus sapit.
Conio et al (8) reported that 4 of 5 cases of esophageal carcinoma noted through surveillance had LSBE.
Massimo Conio of the National Institute for Cancer Research, Genova, Italy, and his associates.
Siomi mewn pobl neu mewn digwyddiadau a sylweddoli ein bod wedi cael ein conio - a defnyddio gair yr oes.