carbon dioxide laser

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carbon dioxide laser

Abbreviation: CO2 laser
A gas-produced colorless laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm (infrared), used in dermatological surgeries to remove scars, wrinkles, and solar skin damage. Carbon dioxide lasers can also be used as a scalpel in stereotactic neurosurgeries and gynecological surgeries.

Patient care

Laser precautions must be observed. The staff support the patient by answering questions and explaining the need for eye covering during the procedure. The procedure is documented in a laser log.

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carbon dioxide laser

a form of therapeutic laser light, used to destroy tissue; short-pulse CO2 laser has been shown to be effective in nail matrisectomy


a device which generates an extremely intense, small and nearly nondivergent beam of monochromatic radiation in the visible region, with all the waves in phase; capable of mobilizing immense heat and power when focused at close range, it is used as a tool in surgery, in diagnosis, and in physiological studies. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
Used also as a modern version of acupuncture and considered to be the biggest breakthrough in that technology for 5000 years. It provides a quick, painless and noninvasive method of point stimulation.

argon laser
used in ophthalmic surgery and in photodynamic surgery of the skin.
carbon dioxide laser
used in microsurgery and ophthalmic procedures.
low-energy laser therapy
used for wound healing and pain relief; includes visible red helium-neon lasers, invisible infrared gallium-arsenide lasers and gallium-aluminum-arsenid lasers.
laser therapy
in acupuncture the application of low intensity laser to acupuncture points.
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The CO2 laser used in communication applications and material processing applications has been the highest contributor to the total revenue in 2014.
Offering the entire range of services, the CO2 laser device offers the best incision, ablative and endoscopic aesthetic procedures for effective skin laser resurfacing.
The precision of movement available through robotic surgery is already helping reduce the risk of sexual side effects, and the early evidence is that CO2 lasers will help us be even more accurate-especially when preserving the sensitive nerve areas necessary for sexual function and urinary continence," said Dr.
The ability to deliver CO2 laser energy through a flexible fiber improves current technique and opens up new possibilities for the management of head and neck malignancies.
In the past, CO2 lasers were flowing-gas systems in which the lasing gas mixture constantly circulated through the laser cavity.
By leveraging its proprietary flexible CO2 laser technology, OmniGuide products enhance surgical accuracy, access, and control for microsurgical applications, laparoscopy, and robotically assisted surgery.
The flexibility of being able to interchange laser sources from a fiber laser to a CO2 laser and back again with no tools is a key benefit and is unique to Universal.
On the other hand, CO2 lasers may not do very well in marking these two plastics without special additives.
Samuel Brown, a Jones Institute graduate, director of Brown Fertility (a large leading Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Lab in Jacksonville, Florida), and physician who has performed over 5,000 laparoscopies for fertility-based surgery noted, "The CO2 laser is considered the optimal energy source for endometriosis surgery, but clinical applications were limited due to the cumbersome set-up and inadequate anatomical access associated with older technologies.
DUBLIN, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global CO2 Laser Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.
The new unit, known as the Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) system, Model LOM-1015, includes a 25-watt CO2 laser controlled by a computer-controlled, x-y axis positioning system.
Richardson Electronics, a world leading supplier of the highest quality replacement RF tubes with 60 years of expertise, is now offering the French made THALES electron tube line for use in industrial CO2 laser systems and provides installation support in select countries.