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carbon content

Critical care
A measure of the relative blood concentration of CO2, measured by pH electrodes, by enzymes or based on changes in pH. CO2 content is rarely measured outside of hospital settings.

Ref range
< age 2: 18–28 mmol/L.
> 2 years: venous 22–26 mmol/L.
> 2 years: arterial 22–32 mmol/L.

Decreased in
Respiratory alkalosis, hyperventilation, metabolic acidosis.
Increased in
Severe vomiting, gastric drainage, hypoventilation—e.g., emphysema or pneumonia.
The blood picks up O2 and, as it passes through the lungs, releases CO2, which, with water, are the endproducts of O2 metabolism; some of the CO2 in the blood is changed to bicarbonate (HCO3) and is excreted in the kidneys. Measurement of CO2 is part of “blood gas measurement”, which is used to evaluate the ease with which gases are exchanged through the lungs and determine the factors affecting the acid-base balance, or pH, of the blood.

Venous or arterial blood, collected in a specially sealed syringe to avoid contact with air.

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The latter's gas has a very low CO2 content of 3% and is near the low-CO2 fields Hari and Geger in the same block.
In the 400,000 years up to the start of the Industrial Revolution - from ice ages to the tropical - the CO2 content of the atmosphere has ranged from 180ppm to 300ppm.
- For each TSMP, feedgas of between 180 - 210 million standard cubic feet per day (MCFD) is required, depending upon CO2 content, to enable the production of 5000 tonnes of methanol per day or 1.75million tonnes of methanol per annum.
Tupi oil is a light oil of 28 degrees API, low sulphur (0.37 - 0.39%), with 8 to 12% CO2 content in the solution gas The price of Tupi oil is at par with the Brent Blend price.
Draft proposals talked of minimum energy taxes applying from 2013 and based on energy and CO2 content. However, in addition to the households, the CO2 tax would not be slapped on electricity or other forms of energy covered by the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).
Kharaka's study sent dissolved CO2 content soaring to between 50 and 60 times its natural level, far higher than anything MacPherson's team has seen.
The block is estimated to have a reserve of 220 trillion cubic feet of gas but the gas has a high CO2 content of 70 per cent.
The average CO2 content was 30% in a 213-m gas column.
As previously announced, the Brownlow production test has achieved a peak test rate of 18.1 million cubic feet of gas per day through a 1-inch choke On an energy equivalent basis, this production rate is equal to over 2,350 barrels of oil equivalent per day after accounting for CO2 content. The production test has been choked back to a flow rate of 12-13 million standard cubic feet per day through a 38/64" inch choke.
The Council also confirmed that "very demanding" sustainability criteria had to be defined soon, ie that as soon as possible there should be a minimum threshold of 35% (C02 savings compared to CO2 content of the materials used for their production) and 50% no later than 2015.