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Moleculin Announces Breakthrough Discovery: WP1066 Potentially Capable of Immune Reprogramming in Glioblastoma Animal Models - Data to be presented at the Inaugural Conference on Brain Metastases, August 16-17, 2019 - August 6, 2019, the Company announced that a paper entitled 'Immunological Reprogramming in the CNS Tumor Microenvironment and Therapeutic Efficacy of Radiotherapy with STAT3 Blockade' will be presented at the Inaugural Conference on Brain Metastases, in New York City, August 16-17, 2019.
BRAF fusions are now becoming virtually synonymous with the diagnosis of pilocytic astrocytoma (37) (WHO grade I), the most frequent CNS tumor in children.
In pediatric patients, the most common CNS tumor types leading to ENM were: medulloblastoma (56.3%), germinoma (9.8%), glioblastoma (6.9%), ependymoma (3.7%) and pilocytic astrocytoma (2.9%) [6].
Based on Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data from 1995-2012, the relative five-year survival rate for individuals age birth to 19 years with any type of CNS tumor is 73.6%.
In 527 patients, primary CNS tumor was diagnosed and, among these, 30 had a primary recurrent/residual tumor, which means that the tumor appeared again after being previously treated at the same site or its residue remained there.
Several studies suggest that malignancy involving the CNS, be it a primary CNS tumor or a metastatic lesion, poses a unique challenge for acquisition of ctDNA representative of the central lesion in the peripheral blood as shed material may not predictably cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) [38, 39].
We could possibly speculate that the placement of the ventriculoperitoneal shunt may have contributed to disseminated metastasis as others have previously as a mechanism of spread of a primary CNS tumor [16].
(4) A form of radiation-induced CNS tumor, which has only been described in case reports, is the secondary supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET).
CNS tumor (23) group was second in frequency and first in MR.
Extra CNS tumor 26 Breast 13 Lung 7 * (*1 pt lung and colon tumor) Digestive system 3 * Melanoma 2 Unknown 1 Median age (range) 53 yrs (30-82) Median KPS (range) 60 (20-100) TABLE 2: Clinical signs and symptoms at onset of neoplastic meningitis.
* The central nervous system (CNS) is the most common site for solid tumors in children; gliomas are the most commonly diagnosed type of pediatric CNS tumor.