CNS syndrome

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12) For chronic exposure at moderate dose rates, the deaths associated with the CNS syndrome can be delayed, and larger doses are generally required than when the dose is delivered in a short time at a high rate.
18) As with the CNS syndrome, the GI syndrome is generally associated with lethal damage.
Case-patients were classified as having a CNS syndrome if they had abnormal brain imaging or microbiologic evidence of Cryptococcus in a brain or cerebrospinal fluid specimen.
Case-patients with a CNS syndrome most commonly reported headache, night sweats, weight loss, anorexia, and neck stiffness.
Persons with confirmed cases were more likely than persons with probable cases to have a CNS syndrome only (p = 0.
019) and more likely to have CNS syndrome with or without respiratory syndrome (p = 0.
Cohen recommends avoiding TNF blockade for patients who are known to have MS or who might be at risk of MS; "nor should TNF inhibitor infusions be given to patients who have had a previous clinically isolated CNS syndrome without the formal diagnosis of MS or to patients who have cranial MRIs that look suggestive of MS but do not yet have clinical manifestations," advised Dr.