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Community Legal Service Partnership (Medspeak-UK)
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certification in molecular biology and molecular pathology.
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[22] proposed an integrative Lagrangian relaxation- (LR-) VNS framework for the CLSP with setup times and got good feasible solutions.
Fatemi Ghomi, "A new heuristic for the CLSP problem with backlogging and set-up carryover," International Journal of Advance Manufacturing Systems, vol.
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Our work in this paper considers a multi-item, multi-period CLSP with the considerations of backorders and setup-times in its formulation.
The standard formulation of the CLSP, which is available in the literature, is extended to include the variables and the situations which we propose to study, to the model.
It is emphasized in the previous section that even finding a feasible solution to the CLSP with a consideration to the setup times is known to be an NP complete problem (Maes et.
Birmingham's CLSP is part of a national network being set up by the Government to combat social exclusion.
Lord Irvine said: ``The CLSP is transforming access to legal services and so making its own distinct contribution to combating social exclusion and poverty.
``This way, the CLSP can provide a framework for comprehensive local networks of good quality legal and advice centres, supported by co-ordinated funding, and based on the needs of local people.''
Yarn count is very important for yarn count lea strength product (CLSP) because yarn product with high CLSP produced good quality of cloth.
Comparison of individual treatment means for count lea strength product (CLSP) Slots Means Spindle speed Means (rpm) Hank roving [T.sub.1] 2702.8 a [S.sub.1] 2740.9 a [H.sub.1] [T.sub.2] 2669.9 b [S.sub.2] 2684.7 b [H.sub.2] -- -- [S.sub.3] 2633.4 c [H.sub.3] Slots Means Spacers Means (mm) [T.sub.1] 2652.2 c [P.sub.1] 2711.3 a [T.sub.2] 2686.3 b [P.sub.2] 2661.4 b -- 2720.5 a -- -- Mean values having different letters differ significantly at 5% level of significance Table 4.