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Investigation of Helicobacter pylori colonization in adenotonsillectomy specimens by means of the CLO test.
For pediatric samples, the serum anti-H pylori IgG test was not performed, and patients with positive results from the CLO test or from analysis of their Giemsa-staining results were considered positive for H pylori.
For instance, past exposure of the patient to H pylori cannot be completely excluded in adult samples with no visible H pylori as assessed by light microscopic examination, in negative results from the CLO test, and even in negative anti-H pylori IgG in serum because the H pylori-negative control group may contain individuals who have undergone seroconversion.
Although these H pylori-negative adult samples were obtained from patients who had negative results from the 3 diagnostic tests, including the serum anti-H pylori IgG test, the CLO test, and analysis of Giemsa-stained histologic slides, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that these patients may have undergone seroconversion.
A study comparing commercially available rapid urease tests, the CLO test (Delta West Bentley, WA, Australia), ProntoDry (Medical Instrument Corp.
This characteristic has been documented previously with other urease tests, in particular the CLO test, which was noted to have a false-negative rate of approximately 40% at 3 hours.
Doubling the amount of tissue in the CLO test has been shown to hasten positivity of the test by up to 2 hours.
Under the CLO Test, the Web site operator's Web site could be viewed as constituting a CLO as defined in the CLO Statement, i.
pylori from 535 patients with a positive CLO test was performed in 1997 (19).
The tonsillar swab samples were finely dissolved in 1 ml of normal saline, and the solutions were placed in CLO test tubes.
CLO test readings were taken at 30 minutes and 24 hours.
We chose to use the CLO test in our study because it is highly specific and sensitive for H pylori and because it is the most common method of finding H pylori used by gastroenterologists.