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Up to 50% of patients undergoing highly or moderately emetogenic chemotherapy experience delayed CINV (25 to 120 hours post chemotherapy)-even when prescribed a 5-HT[sub.
AKYNZEO is the first fixed combination oral agent that targets two distinct signaling pathways associated with CINV by combining netupitant, an NK1 receptor antagonist, and palonosetron, a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist, in a single capsule.
These combination therapies have a better safety and efficacy profile, increasing their preference for treating CINV.
Riccardo Braglia, CEO of Helsinn Group, said: Helsinn is delighted to sign this additional agreement with Chugai, extending our scope of work to the area of CINV on top of our agreement in CACS.
by the EC, which will allow us to provide patients living with cancer across Europe with an improved option for CINV protection.
finds that surveyed oncologists and nurses/nurse practitioners report that the incidence and severity of CINV are underestimated by healthcare professionals.
Although paediatric patients were administered a higher dose per kg than adults to prevent CINV, palonosetron safety profile was consistent with its established profile in adults.
The report provides extensive analysis of APF530, rolapitant and netupitant-palonosetron (netu-palo) FDC, current market trends, unmet needs and challenges faced by the CINV market and opportunities for these drugs.