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Finally, ZSW contributed with its world class expertise in CIGS solar modules.
8 % on a CIGS solar cell, our exclusive research partner, the renowned Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW), holds the efficiency world record in all solar technologies.
One major advantage of flexible high-performance CIGS solar cells is the
Founded in 2000 in Leipzig, Solarion established Europe's first pilot line for the manufacturing of flexible and highly efficient CIGS thin-film cells in 2002.
Covering 310,000 square feet at Global Solar's manufacturing plant, the system features a ground-mounted solar array that uses 6,600 SOLON solar modules incorporating Global Solar's CIGS thin-film solar cells.
Although DayStar ultimately plans to print CIGS on flexible sheets, it will make its first solar cells on glass.
CIGS and CdTe rely on the deposition of nanoparticles of the precursor materials on the substrate, followed by in-place sintering.
The researchers, however, suggest that copper atoms can diffuse through CIGS to repair any sites damaged by exposure to radiation.
Global Solar" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer of CIGS flexible solar technology and portable solar products, announced today that the Company has taken cost-cutting measures as it continues to progress the previously announced sale process and evaluate strategic options.
It will also provide training and business follow-up services to existing 120 CIGS.
7 per cent for CIGS thin film solar cell from exclusive research partner ZSW, marking a new world record.
In September, Hanergy Solar has acquired the intellectual property rights of two new copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technologies, namely CIGS thin-film solar power technology of Solibro and MiaSole.