CIE standard illuminants

illuminants, CIE standard

The colorimetric illuminants A, B, C and D defined by the CIE in terms of relative spectral energy (power distribution): standard illuminant A representing the full radiator at T = 2854 K; standard illuminant B representing direct sunlight with a correlated colour temperature of T = 4874 K; standard illuminant C representing daylight with a correlated colour temperature of T = 6774 K; standard illuminant D representing daylight with a correlated colour temperature of T = 6504 K (CIE). See chromaticity diagram; Macbeth lamp; white light.
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While sources approximating the CIE standard illuminants for daylight and incandescent lights were easily implemented, the fluorescent illuminant proved to be a problem.
Therefore, the CIELAB color differences between the original and reconstructed spectrum of Munsell and spectral image testing samples are calculated under the CIE standard illuminants, light emitting diode (LED) light sources, and tungsten halogen (TH) light source.
We used the CIE standard illuminants D65 and C, and the CIE 1931 and CIE 1964 Standard Observers (CIE 1986), to calculate different colourimetric parameters within the Munsell system and CIELAB colour space.