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To prepare the skin or other body surface for an operative procedure, usually by cleaning and applying antiseptic solutions.
[slang for preparation or prepare]


pre-exposure prophylaxis


(prĕp) Informal
Preparatory: a college prep course; did extensive prep work for the interview.
1. A preparatory school.
2. Preparation: Daily practices are the best prep for the upcoming track meet.
3. A preppie.
v. prepped, prepping, preps
1. To be enrolled in and attend a preparatory school.
2. To prepare for something: prepping for a radio interview.
1. To prepare (someone) for a medical examination or surgical procedure.
2. To prepare or prime: prep a surface for painting.


1 abbreviation for prepare.
2 abbreviation for preparation, particularly when referring to preparation for surgery.


Surgery The preparation of both the Pt and the operative site before the first incision, which consists of painting the skin surface with disinfectant, shaving hair, and inserting a catheter


Colloquially, to prepare skin or other body surface for an operative procedure, usually by applying antiseptic solutions.

Patient discussion about prep

Q. Getting prepared for chemo Hi, I have breast cancer, and I’m planned to start chemotherapy in a short time. Do you have any advice how should I prepare for it? What to buy? The anti-emesis drugs are already waiting- any other thing I should get?

A. A surgical face mask – if you find yourself in a close place and someone starts to cough or sneeze, you can protect yourself.

Q. A tumor was discovered in my kidney how should I prepare myself to the future events?

A. sorry to hear...there are all sorts of tumors in kidneys but generally i recommend first of all talking to your family and explain the situation. but only after you understand what it is and what that means. you will need a lot of support and you don't want to leave your loved ones in the darkness about it. believe me that is the basic in preparing yourself to any tumor therapy.
good luck!!
you'll be fine i'm sure!!

Q. what are the most common problems women tend to develop during pregnancy? how would i prepare for it???

A. Needing to urinate more often...i think every one has it. because of pregnancy hormones and growing baby presses on her bladder- she needs to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. it looks pretty annoying. i'm not sure there is something to do with it.

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